Tuesday, March 07, 2006

On Our Way ... aka The Overuse of Parentheses.

It seems that the Husband and I have so far managed to save 30% of the money needed for our shift to the United Kingdom.
So it looks like within 12 months from now, we'll be there!

It's so exciting to finally have a saving scheme worked out (oh. how sad. I said it was exciting) but I really miss buying shoes (miss you prettypretty shoes!).
My new mantra is "it's for a good cause" ... the good cause of moving to the U.K? at least it keeps me motivated.

Won't it be exciting when we're actually over there though?
I plan to keep this up (as well as my own) and just ramble endlessly about the museums I go to and Craig's always at carpart stores and the snow and the rain and oh man everyone has accents!!
So thrilling.

The domain name is up for renewal again in 14 days. I keep getting emails counting down the days. They really really want me to keep ohdarling up and running (it's nice to be loved!) or perhaps they know that I really really want to keep it up and running (sneaky buggers).
So the ads are there. And there's a paypal donate button over on the side. IF you feel so inclined.

Basically I'm saying that I really don't know what to make with mince-meat tonight.
There are only so many things I know how to do!
(oh and cook? really isn't one of them. Poor Craig.)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

There's still hope, Kevin Costner!

from work this morning

husband : hello?
me : hey baby, what you up to?
husband : watching DVDs
me : Waterworld?
husband : ... no. no.
me : no?
husband : ... yes.
me : and is it as great as you remember it being?
husband : ... ... yes.
me : ha!
husband : shutup
me : don't worry, that's what marriage is about, accepting strange strange strange strange faults. Like a secret love of Waterworld.