Saturday, November 08, 2008

I voted.

They may be uninspiring but they're all we've got.

I suspect it won't go our (my) way but I can only try. I am only one

Friday, November 07, 2008

Starbucks thinks it's Christmas

Gingerbread Lattes always remind me of sunny winter mornings in London.

P.s. That book? Makes me cry. A Lot.
Endorsed by Bill Bryson (heart!) and the Dalai Lama (oo) and ... something to do with Lonely Planet, it's called The Kindness of Strangers.
If it didn't make me gag a little just thinking about it, I'd call it life affirming? Or heart warming. Ick.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thoughts Become Things

Twitter Capture

Charm Bracelet: London

Charm Bracelet: London

My London Adoration bracelet was re-spaced and now? from one end to the next I have:

Charm Bracelet: Double Decker

A Double Decker Bus. The .925 is the back licence plate. Adorable.

Charm Bracelet: Parliament

The Houses of Parliament with an oversized Tower-which-houses-Big-Ben.

Charm Bracelet: Bobby's Hat

Policeman's Helmet (Bobby's Hat) which even has an ER on the Shield.

Charm Bracelet: St Christopher

St Christopher. The Patron Saint of travellers. Can't hurt.

Charm Bracelet: Squirrel

A Squirrel!

Charm Bracelet: St Paul's Cathedral

St Paul's Cathedral.

Charm Bracelet: City of London Shield

City of London Shield.
The centre, the focus of the bracelet.
(Focus as in central, focus as in hearth and home)

Charm Bracelet: Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge.
It is open as it's supposed to be good luck.

Charm Bracelet: Crown

(Keep Calm and Carry On)

Charm Bracelet: Tower of London

Tower of London.

Charm Bracelet: Telephone Booth

A (red) Telephone Booth.

Charm Bracelet: Britannia


Charm Bracelet: Black Cab

A (black) Cab.

It's hard to explain adequately how much I adore this bracelet.
In the soft silvery jingling I am reminded of the white noise traffic roar when our double glazed window was opened, Like magic. I am standing at the lights waiting to cross, watching for the lights to go yellow again before going green. I remember the smell of wet cobblestones near St Paul's and the swirl of a priest in a cassock.
I am walking past the garden in Bedford Square on my way to work, looking our for squirrels and the red Royal Mail vans.
I am waiting with Craig for our Yeoman at the gates of the Tower of London, sitting with a magazine at the Statue in front of Buckingham Palace, sitting on the steps at St Paul's waiting for Craig, Lying in sundappled shade in Hyde Park with my head on his hip. Walking hand in hand, glove in glove, along the Thames on a Saturday morning.
Roast chestnuts at the entrance to Tottenham Court Road tube, caramelised nuts near the Millennium bridge, churros and curry at the Thames festival, the wet organic scent of the back roads of Borough Market. The hush of a church or gallery, the silent roar of a cathedral, echoing, warbling sopranos, the muffled rustling of tourists, the err-err-err of wheelie bags on the ridges of the Millennium bridge. It is a sea of french, italian, of cockney, eton, greek, indian, of myriad accents.

My London was seen on foot and remembered in sounds and smells.

And all that from 13 little charms, on one little bracelet, on one little wrist.

P.s. My fav-fav-favourite charm? St Paul's.

Charm Bracelet: St Paul's Cathedral

Because? Well, firstly because I adore St Paul's. It is my moon, my London anchor.

St Paul's at Night

But also! because it opens!

Charm Bracelet: St Paul's: a little open


Charm Bracelet: St Paul's: Open!

I think it might be Jesus. Or just a cross. Or Jesus. Or a cross. Or Jesus. Who knows?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I think a lot of people around the world just let out a collective held breath.

I'm not American in the slightest and yet, I feel ... proud? I'm not certain. But I was excited and refreshed approximately 7000 times today.

Now if only New Zealand would vote for the left rather than the right.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dia de los Muertos

Frida Kahlo Hair

Frida Kaho

Flowers in my hair

Ventricle Heart Necklace

My inspiration for the hair (ish) and the flowers and the shawl (not pictured) was this photo of Frida:

Frida Kahlo

But I also wanted to reference one of her paintings. So I created the necklace to resemble:

Frida Kahlo

I already had the ventricle heart necklace (yea yea. Whatever, it's awesome) and I just added 4 metres (yes) of red ribbon veins that ended in a little pair of scissors.

Craig as Johnny Cash

Craig as Johnny Cash

Andy as George Lucas' Creative Integrity

Andy as George Lucas' Creative Integrity

George explaining his money-making starwars script to Frida Kahlo

George explaining his money-making starwars script to Frida Kahlo.

Yes. There were two of us dressed as Frida Kahlo. No, we hadn't discussed our costumes. It just happened.
The weird thing is that beneath the Frida? we're both called Sarah. That made it really confusing.

Rita Freaking Hayworth

Kat as Rita Freaking Hayworth

Rita Freaking Hayworth

Frida. Without eyebrow but with crazy eyes

The aforementioned pashmina.

George & Frida

Stop taking my picture woman!

stop taking my picture woman


Kat taking a photo of me taking a photo of her taking a photo of me ....

Craig is very tall

Shane & Mindy

When Shane was wearing his wig he was Kurt Cobain, Mindy was the devil.

Malcolm X

Rajeev is too cheerful as Malcolm X

Becs has a great sense of humour

Becs as ... I'm not sure.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Kat & Becs, Sarah & Andy

Malcolm X & Johnny Cash

Shane & Mindy - Midnight

Not pictured: Sylvia Plath, Doris Day (Oops), and Audrey Hepburn