Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week Sixteen

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Breaking in my Sam Edelman Zoes
I wore my Sam Edelman boots around the house, breaking them in.

Monday: New lenses! straight onto my eyeballs
My contact lenses arrived and I was a little excited. I put them in straight away.

Tuesday: Dawn
The dawn was beautiful on Tuesday morning. The rest of the day was horrid.

Wednesday: Golden Hour, Storage
A busy day at work, we left late & the sun was already setting. I didn't get to go on a run.

Thursday: Post Hiatus - didn't buy anything.
The day after the end of the spending hiatus I tried on 3 shirts with shoulder details. I didn't purchase anything.

Friday: Dusk. Running.
To make up for skipping my run on Wednesday, and because I was out on Thursday night, I went running after work on Friday.
After work. On FRIDAY. Like a crazy person.
Additionally I was keeping myself available to help out with my friends' V48HR film.

Saturday: headphones at lunchtime on the set of 48hr
Gaffer tape, headphones, and a prop folder for Back to Tuesday (working title), the V48HR Film, during a lunch break.


"will you be our main lead?" "wha?"
V48HR Expression.
I was asked to help out, maybe, if I was needed, possibly, and then? at 10:30 on Friday night I received a call asking me to play the main lead. The main lead. In a time travel movie which meant that additionally I was playing myself 3 times over.
This expression was of course followed quite quickly by elation.

(I'll post the finished product when I can. It's still being edited! the deadline is 2.5 hours away)