Friday, December 05, 2008

A conversation via Text Message

Have an amazing time but don't die or get an STD. Love you!

I promise I'll come home in a good condition and no std. love you xxx

This weekend Craig is away at a Stag-Weekend. As in boys not deer. He knows and lovingly accepts my hyperbole. Which is why we work.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

I have emerged from my doldrums to show you THE MOST ADORABLE WATCH IN THE WORLD.

Caution: This watch might kill you. It is THAT cute.

Betsey Johnson Box

I think Betsey Johnson might have made this allallall just for me. It is perfect.

Betsey Johnson Watch Box

Bow Watch by Betsey Johnson

I first saw this watch when Tor of Fab Frocks professed her undying love for it. I however can resist everything save temptation and made it my own.

A very sensible watch

I am right handed but also wear my watches on my right wrist. Turns out, it is ridiculously hard to take photos of your right hand using only your left hand. Unless of course you happen to be ambidextrous.

Right Hand, taken left handed

I am not ambidextrous.

I might have to start wearing it on my left arm though. Because seriously? Cupcake PLUS bow? Too adorable for words.

Pride Of Place

It has been given pride of place on top of the mini wardrobe.
Along with my Keep Calm and Carry on mug (from Kat), Parma Violets, Eat Cake Worship Satan (heart City Down), and my beautiful modern art Melissa shoes.

It also deigned to arrive on a day when I was wearing these shoes:

Camper Bow Shoes

Camper Bow Shoes

And this cardigan:

Bow Cardigan

bow cardigan

If it had arrived YESTERDAY (because I am endearingly OCD I tend to plan out outfits days or weeks in advance, as happened with this one) I might have been forced to wear it with this necklace:

Bow Necklace

And One of these pairs of earrings:

Ugh terrible shot

(not the fangs!)

and this hair clip:

Hairclip. Worst Photo Ever

Oh god. And this ring:

Bow Ring

I think it might be time for a bow intervention.

When I showed Craig the pictures of the watch his first reaction was NO!
Which meant that a couple of days later, after ensuring he was in a good mood, we had this conversation:
Me: Remember the bow watch I showed you? it was completely adorable and soooo me and you were all NO! and stuff?
Craig: uh .. vaguely yea. Did you buy it?
Me: Well, when I showed you the picture? I'd already bought it.

But thankfully! Just now we had this conversation:
Me: Oh! oh oh oh. This is just THE MOST ADORABLE WATCH IN THE WORLD! Isn't it?? isn't it??
Craig: Yea, it's pretty damn adorable.

Bow Watch by Betsey Johnson


Sunday, November 30, 2008

An Ending

Today is the 30th of November.
It is the end of NaBloPoMo and the end of Mo-Vember.


Unlike Craig's moustache, I am going away. Not for long, I don't think. And not for any particular reason apart from lack of inspiration. I am tired. I feel existentially wrung out.


Basically? Until I feel a bit more fucking cheerful, you can just look at some photos I took of roses in my mother's garden.


Don't fret. If there's one thing I know, it's that the words constantly swirling around in my head are NOT going to go ANYWHERE until I arrange them all nice and neat on the internet. Or paper. But more likely, the internet.
And I need SOMEWHERE other than Flickr to display my photos. I haven't even shown you the ones I took while in London for August! Including the ones where we look like angels. Seriously.


Actually, maybe I'm not going anywhere either. Hmm.


This one is my favourite. Apparently it's called Gauguin. It's fuchsia but not too fuchsia. And it reminds me of peonies. I'm pretty much obsessed with peonies at the moment.

Maybe I should get a Peony tattoo ... or a Gauguin rose tattoo ...