Saturday, June 30, 2007

My tube was delayed ...

My tube was delayed ....

They don't exactly mince words around here.


Nelsons Column with Helicopter and Plane

(you may need to click and enlarge it, but that's Nelson's Column with a helicopter and a plane!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Falling in Love, One Cobblestone Street at a time.

Today I got charmed into buying a watch. Charmed by London.
I was passing an old victorian shop with antique rings in the window and a "& Sons" name when I saw my tiny slip of a thing watch.
It cost enough for me to say "Oo I better start earning pounds" (which was not that much, seriously. Only when you convert it. Then it's almost $300.) but it is perfect. And powered by the light!
I have a magical watch.

My Magic Watch

Today I made sure I could find where my job interview is going to be on Wednesday.
I had been told to go to Whitehall and halfway down look for the entrance with the Soldiers on Horseback outside.
Statues, I thought to myself, of Soldiers on Horseback. Right, must look for the statues.

Soldier on Horse

Not so much statues!
Real soldiers on real horses standing on the side of the street.
I love London.

Changing of the guards

I also inadvertantly saw the changing of the guards, found a museum by just wandering the streets and felt chic in my black-rim glasses, bright red pashmina and black umbrella, looking through the rain spattered windows of Mont Blanc and Gucci.

Cleopatra's Needle and Plane

p.s. I think I might need to start a thing. Monuments and Planes.

St Pauls and the Plane