Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh Meadowlark​, You're KILLING me

When the inimitable Gala Darling asked what websites for New Zealand Jewellery there was only one answer I could give

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There's really only one, always and forever, my favourite is Meadowlark.
(Although Karen Walker jewels are fab too)

This weekend, the DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY, Meadowlark made their latest collection available for pre-order. I died just a little as I flicked through it and DID NOT ORDER ANYTHING.

I did however add a few things to my wishlist.

Arrowhead. Collection by Meadowlark
(click to enlarge)

Bow Bone ring by Meadowlark
Bone Bow cocktail ring.
But I have not decided if I would prefer rose or smoky quartz.

Photo by superette
Photo from Superette.

Arrowhead earrings by Meadowlark
bone bow charm faceted charm
Faceted earrings
Faceted and Bone Bow charm bracelets.

But of course, things like dental work and Irish passports and rent, the small things, take precedence. So my every-growing collection of Meadowlark jewels (it's a bit of a sickness) will have to wait just a little while longer.

I hate being a grown up sometimes.

Wearing my @meadowlarknz bone ring from @onceit stacked with my deco diamonds Nouvelle bague de @meadowlarknz <3
Meadowlark Added a @meadowlarknz charm bracelet to my arm party!
I own at least one piece from every single collection save for two.

p.s. I believe this goes without saying but this is NOT a sponsored post. The adoration is completely my own.

Monday, October 10, 2011

365 in 2011 - a day late and a whole year older

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: volunteering?
Hiking around Wellington delivering letters. In the rain.

Monday: Oh, Canada
Poor Canada.

Tuesday: terrible day, terrible photos
A terrible day and a terrible photo.

Wednesday: mystery flowers are only nice for an hour
Today was the day I found out that mystery flowers are amazing for ... about an hour.
Then they become very very creepy.

Thursday: Wellington Central Launch
I spent the evening playing photographer. So much fun.

Friday: creepy clouds in the Valley
Looking back to the Valley. But only at the odd odd clouds.

Saturday: birthday cupcake & labbit!
Birthday cupcake.


Twenty-SO OLD
I turned twenty-SO OLD.