Saturday, October 10, 2009

Aaah. My real hair colour!

I think my favourite part of my birthday was the old photos that my baby sister hauled out and stuck up around the house.

Aah! My real hair colour

Aah! My real hair colour

Aah! My real hair colour

Aah! My real hair colour

She also made sure that Charlotte was present.
Charlotte was there in spirit

Oh and all the cupcakes.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

My sister Charlotte tends to send me off kilter birthday cards

the day of my daughter's wedding .... or of her sister's birthday

This year? even from London she managed it

eeeeee card

Anyone would think we were related.

Edited to add:
Both my husband and baby baby sister bought me plates from the darling Trixie Delicious (Mutant and Bitch. Photos to follow!) for my birthday.
Perhaps I'm just predictable? Sigh.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My brain is leaking out of my ears ...

Oh October, you are living up to my prophecy. And I suspect I will have a full blown ulcer by the time I am 26*. And perhaps my lungs will collapse under the sheer force of my sighing.

Of course, you are somewhat (ONLY SOMEWHAT) redeemed by the latest rehearsal for my Show (Eclecticity: the Revue**) as it turns out that the best part of being a teeny little cog in a huge machine of a show means that when the rehearsals get to run-through stage (we open in one week. ONE WEEK!) you still haven't managed to see half the acts. I spent half the rehearsal giggling madly. The other half was spent trying to shove lines into my head but the giggling half was very enjoyable.

So! Come one, come all:

Eclecticity: the Revue

Please please please don't judge the show by the poster.
The masses like the clip art joker and funky 1998 font.

This was my (DENIED) version:

My Version (inspired by a Milliner's ad)

* That would be TOMORROW. Eep.

** Electicity. As in Electic. And Icity. I don't even pretend to get it beyond the whole "eclectic" thing.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

From the Archives

Uss Missouri, Hawaii
August 2008

Dun dun dunnn

Nouvelle Zélande
It's nice to know that even important documents can have glaring mistakes on them, preserved for posterity.
And that the Respresentative for the Dominion of Canada was a bit dim.
(Poor New Zealand, bumped off the bottom)

Perry's Flag!



Christmas Pipes

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Week Forty

365 in 2009!

(forty! four-zero!)

Sunday: Dots at the Opening of the Kusama Exhibition
Craig and I went in to the opening of the Yayoi Kusama exhibition.
I lovelovelove the dots on the gallery but I cannot comment on anything else as the queue was intimidating so we went for curry and wandering the shops instead.

Monday: Smokers and Scripts
Smoker Sweets (Musk!) and scripts by firelight.
Chez mes cousins.

Tuesday: Rain on the Train
At this stage on Tuesday I was mainly made up of jangling nerves thanks to a last minute work* trip for the next day.

Wednesday: Christchurch Airport
Time to kill at Christchurch airport.

Thursday: Post-Travel Detritus
Ahh, the post-travel detritus.
I always find bits to tear out of the in-flight magazines, even though they say we can take them with us. Add to that the napkins and notes and boarding pass stubs? detritus.

Friday: Station Signs
Old signs from my old station spotted in the train yard. I wonder if they would let me have one for my back yard.

Saturday: Working Bee at the BCTT
I may be useless during the construction of a stage but I did the best I could. That being to bring Craig and his tools.
They trusted me with cardboard and paint.
Working-bee Fingernails.


Fontana - vintage glasses from American Apparel
Wearing Fontana vintage sunglasses from American Apparel.
Purchased with a discount code provided by the lovely Jo of Eye Heart Glasses.

* Work. That which I do not discuss here. DO NOT.