Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spending Hiatus: The Final Update

Dearest Darling The Internet,

My spending hiatus has ended not with a bang but with a whimper.
I'm sorry. I fell off the wagon.

MbyMJ Bag (Letters ahoy!)

First, I stalked and sniped a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag on eBay (it's lovely) and then I found a special one-day-sale pair of jeans - soft grey, high waisted, and down from $119 to $30.

Lee Riders

And such as 1+1=2, purchase + purchase = failure.
But! As with my 2009-2010 regime of diet & exercise*, I am not berating myself for the failure. I still did remarkably well, ou know, for ME, and the day of the end of the hiatus passed (and it was payday) with only the purchase of a fine tooth comb..
I think that the long term ramifications of this hiatus will stick.

I enjoy the space in my drawers and in my wardrobe. I enjoy repurposing clothes** and while I still haven't gotten around to selling that box of clothes, I have added to it and add again I will. It will probably end up going to charity but it's out my life!

So while I did not succeed completely, I think I did enough. And that will do.

Plus, that bag is really cute. Letters ahoy!

* a story for another day.
** earlier this week I wore a short summer dress under a pencil skirt and blazer, it was very cute as a top. Tomorrow I am going to wear a dress which is two sizes too big but! with a studded waist belt? so cute.

Zoe by Sam Edelman: a review

Sunday: Breaking in my Sam Edelman Zoes

Now, I am not trying to turn this darling little site into a fashion blog - I don't have the time, inclination, or style to do so - but there has been interest expressed in a particular pair of shoes that I own. Shoes which have been called "cult", like Charles Manson on my feet, my Zoe boots by Sam Edelman*.

Yes, the heel is approximately 7 feet tall. Or 6 inches. Either way, they make me Tall with a capital T. But they also have a substantial platform under the ball of your foot so in reality the incline is more like 3-4 inches. Much more manageable (or is that just me?).

Today was the first day I wore them outside of Park Place and I wore them from 6:30am until about 5:45pm. From the time we left the house until the time we got home again and that, in my mind, is the test of a good high heel. I do not like being the girl who wears flats to the office, changes into heels, changes back into flats for lunch, then back to heels until it's time to put flats back on and slog home. But of course, I am that kind of girl (just not every day) and my wardrobe at work has 3 pairs of shoes in it. My SEZs are now among the hallowed few heels which I do NOT leave at the office.
BUT! I must mention that I spent about half an hour before the end of the day rushing about the complex at work and? they hurt. Not a lot, and much less than you would expect from such high heels, but they did hurt. So I wouldn't wear them if I knew I was going to be rushing and dashing and schlepping about.
Also? the front of the heel is a little rocking-horse-y which was very disconcerting until I got used to it. Beware, beware.

Sam Edelman Zoe

They run a little big, and the leather does not breathe so by the end of the day my feet were slipping around inside a little too much for my liking, but I think these will just be winter heels and with stockings and a proper insole they will be fine.

My 'review' - if you can call it that (and I am) - is that ... I love them. They make me feel 10 feet tall (or 5"6) and are comfortable enough to be an ordinary-day-at-work kind of shoe, only they look totally hot while doing it. Eight out of ten!

Plus. They look really good with skinny jeans. And they make me very (for me) tall.

* incidentally? I was wearing my Jeffrey Campbell Potion boots the other day and young, very rough looking builder type bloke stopped to tell me they were awesome. Jeffrey Campbell Potion: Approved by Builders in New Zealand.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week Fifteen

The Week in Photographs

Synday: Starwars Potato Heads on the set of Tetris Cops
I spent most of the day filming for Tetris Cops. These Star Wars potato heads were on the set.

Monday: Holiday! Brownie-Day
Monday was a holiday. I baked Brownies with a Himalayan Salt crust. They were delicious.

Tuesday: Easter Egg from my parents
The one Easter Egg I received in 2010, from my darling parents.

Wednesday: Post fall in the supermarket
I slipped and fell on some rotten fruit on the ground in Petone Pak n Save. It hurt. A lot. But mainly I was worried about my camera so I took a test shot.
It occurred to me that despite there being a lot of Pak n Save workers around, not one person other than Craig checked that I was okay.

Thursday: Accessories
Two of my current favourite accessories.

Friday: After after work drinks
After after work drinks.

Saturday: Craig & his football
The sun was out and I couldn't think of a good excuse so I went to Wellington and watched Craig play football.


Wide Angle