Thursday, January 17, 2008

Seven hundred and thirty .. one days

Two years (and one day) ago Craig and I let everyone in on the secret we'd known for 4 years and 11 months. That we planned to be together always.
This year of marriage has been testing.
Our stress levels have been elevated, our nerves on edge, pennies stretched,* and we relied on each other ever so much.

We were uncertain, intrepid, possibly immortal, decidedly in love.**

Year 2

We spent our second wedding anniversary in a hotel room, a shuttle, two airports,*** and two aeroplanes. The longest time we spent in one place was at LAX.
Not exactly romantic.

I did get one thing I asked for. Tan lines.

Year 2 - Tan line!!

San Francisco was wonderful. It didn't feel foreign but I blame that on the ubiquity of American television and visiting it with a friend I associate more with Wellington than America. We could have (and possibly should have) spent more than 3 nights there.
We'll be back though. Photos to come! Of course.

Mr Jet-Lag is sitting firmly on my shoulders today. I feel faint and flu-ey, basically horrid. But I am quite glad to be back to our lovely little London life and oh just so excited to feel a sense of familiarity and ... a kind of homecoming today. Heart you London!! Miss you Wellington!! I am torn.

* Oxford Comma!
** Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins
*** Oxford Comma!

P.s. Photo Projects 2008 will be posted next week. Not this week. I need the weekend.