Thursday, April 16, 2009

If I could spend money today ...

Oh Darling Hearts

Cupcake Ring

Cupcakes and Mace

Oh, my love for acrylic jewellery has not yet waned.
My obsession with cupcakes? along with the rest of the blogging world, also knows no bounds.

I can't stop thinking of Kim's* cupcake ring. I think, oh I'm pretty sure I would need a clear one, oo and a black one. If only there was a clear hot pink one!

Kim is based in New Zealand (woo!) but is an international site and she can ship all over the world. She describes her rings as Kawaii and while I generally find that annoying? in relation to her jewellery, the term seems apt. And I'm sure it would help in the etsy keyword search.

Kim is branching out into other jewellery but her acrylic work really stands alone for me.

I can't help but love the heart cutout in the cupcake pendants.
But I prefer my acrylic pendants to be smaller than these (42 x 49 mm)

(it might be hard to see, but the hole in the a is a little cupcake!)

Plus? her blog is also adorable. Bonus!

* hee! according to her etsy profile, her birthday is October 9th. Mine is October 8th!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

From the Archives

San Francisco, January 2008

We finally made it off that bus stop.

Guy and Bridge
Joseph B Strauss
"The Man Who Built The Bridge"

Guy Info
How I know he was Joseph B Strauss, The Man Who Built The Bridge.
I tend to take photos of the informative signs as well. I do not trust my ageing memory.

Main Span
Informative Sign!

Craig et Moi (OMG SHORT HAIR)
(Oh Lord, Look how short my HAIR was!)

Kat et Moi (SHORT HAIR!)
Kat et Moi.

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge & Sailboat

Wide Angle Bridge

Next Tuesday? We cross!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week Fifteen

365 in 2009!

Saturday: Realising what the sign says
Picking Charlotte up from the airport, I caught the moment she realised that our sign read Crabhands!

Monday: Post Funeral Repast
Post-funeral repast.

Tuesday: Coffee avec ma famille
Coffee in Petone with my family.

Wednesday: Too busy to take a proper photo!
A very very busy day and as such, a ridiculous photo.

Thursday: Baha'i bag in Wellington airport
My Baha'i bag at Wellington airport pre check in.

Friday: Craig on Orewa Beach
Low low tide at Orewa Beach, Craig and I were taking a walk.

Saturday: Cat Camouflage
A lazy day waiting to pick up Charlotte (again), Lottie the cat camouflaged amongst the rubble.


Self portrait 14
Black and White Post-Funeral.
I love my beauty mark.

A confession!

Beauty mark
Serious Face

Dear Dearest, Darling, Husband-of-Mine,

You are currently out racing cars (no, seriously, he is) and I have decided that this is the best time, and the best place to confess something.

I may have ...


perhaps purchased ....


a rather large furry hat!!

Giant Furry Hat!

Now, I know you are rolling your eyes and perhaps shaking your fist at the screen but wait, just wait ...

Cute hat!!?!

don't I look freaking adorable in it?

Not exactly Julie Christie

Totally cute.
I should be in Doctor Zhivago!

Blowing a ...kiss!

Love you!
xoxo, Sarah-Rose

Because some of you have asked, my eyemakeup was as follows:

Maybelline Line Definer Liquid Eyeliner in Noir
No7 Smokey Eye Palette - the sparkly white one
No7 Extreme Length Mascara
Rimmel Kohl in Pure White (on my lower lid water line and inside corners of my eyes)
aaaand a whole lotta experimenting.

I was also wearing:
MAC Studio Fix foundation
Anna Sui Blusher in 301 (it smells like roses!)
Hello Kitty for MAC Lip Conditioner in Popster