Thursday, October 04, 2007

We're finally getting out of London. But only for the weekend.

Craig and I have been in London for 117 days (yes. I counted) and I still get deliriously happy when I realise (yet again) that I live here!.

I think it has something to do with the fact that it has only been the last month that I have truly been living the life I dreamed of as I trudged to work in the cold, wet, early, early mornings.
I leave my adorable flat (modern inside, oldoldold without*) and get a coffee at Starbucks (they know my order!) which I sip as I walk around the Tate Modern and across the Millennium Bridge up to St Paul's before getting on the tube and walking to my Grade Listed office building. Walking by the Thames in the weekend, hand in hand with Craig, lazy lunches at a market or pub ...

So we're leaving.

Hee. Kidding. We're just away for the weekend, my Birthday weekend (!) which we're spending in Dublin.

And while in Dublin, I am under strictest instructions to visit a certain bar and pick up a certain father a t-shirt. Goodness, if only I could remember the name of the bar ...

Mulligan's Pub, Taupo

P.s. I have literally Three Hundred and Fifty Eight photos on my camera, waiting to be posted (don't panic. There are a couple of photo-collage-projects on there as well) and I may cry if the internet doesn't start working properly. Especially if it is still down in November.
I will be taking photos in Dublin (and of our flat!) but oh, oh poor internet, you may have to wait a while to see them.

P.p.s. See that new button over to the right? the one that says Oh Dear Oh Dear, NaBloPoMo? that means that I am going to try my little heart out to post something every single day in November. Which will be interesting if the internet is still down at my flat. Interesting in a tearing-my-hair-out kind of way.

P.p.p.s. Fiddle dee dee potatoes!

* I love the idea that our building has been standing since before the First and Second World Wars. Craig is sceptical but the building next door was built in 1854 (1852? 1857?) and while ours looks a little more modern & less damaged, it could still be very very old.