Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Four Thousand and Seventeen

Two days from now my Darling Husband and I run smack bang into a milestone.
Two days from now we will have been an US, a we, a pair for eleven years. ELEVEN YEARS. That is ... longer than a decade.
Two days from now I will be batting my eyelids at a lovely man who will, in all likelihood, remember. But to whom eleven years is nothing. At all. Of course we have been together eleven years, OF COURSE, this is meant to be baby. All that nonsense.

I think it deserves noting. I think it deserves celebration.
I think it deserves presents.

But I will settle for his giant hand on mine, my forehead against his cheek, his certainty that this is a given.

Sarah-Rose and Craig. Babysize!
TV on a Chilly Summer Day

Sunday, July 10, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Carrot Cake for Mama
I spent most of Sunday afternoon in the kitchen - making a carrot cake for my mama's birthday.

Monday: Winter? Walking to Tattoo Machine
It was beautiful in Wellington - perfect for walking the waterfront. I had an appointment with my tattoo artist.

Tuesday: Late, & drunk, at Petone Station
At Petone station, very late and rather drunk. On a Tuesday.

Wednesday: Threading my scarf
Vintage fur stole, deco jewellery, and my meadowlark bone ring. A usual Wednesday.

Thursday: Craig is late.
Craig was late. Two minutes after I took this photo the storm started. One minute after that, he arrived.

Friday: Post-Storm clouds
It stormed all night and most of the morning. These clouds were all that remained at 11:30am.

Saturday: Bed Shopping
My lovely husband in the bed store. We are finally replacing the bed that was second hand when Craig got it in 2002.


Glasses & Beret