Friday, January 19, 2007

Life is an ocean, and love is a boat ...

Craig and I made it to one year!

Wedding rings

(like there was ever any doubt)

We celebrated with a picnic in the park (cemetary) where we had our wedding photos taken.


The rain helf off until we were finished eating and packing everything up, thankfully. I clambered about (in 3 inch wedge heels no less!) and took photos.

I despair for the monotony of modern grave stones. Victorian graves seem ever so sculptural.

Anchor grave : Detail

Fancy Flooring

I loved the tiling on this grave. It's so incongruous.

Snazzy Grave : detail

Can you tell I love the decay? I would love to live in a house like Miss Haversham's.
Well, only externally like that, I wouldn't want cobwebs and old wedding food everywhere.

Half Buried

(the full set can be viewed here)

We also celebrated this first-of-many anniversary with presents of bracelets (and no, I didn't think about and I am now ignoring all imagery of shackles). Marc by Marc Jacobs for Craig (Latin and leather) and silver and diamonds for me (Australian not Blood).

Left Hands

If the first year is the hardest (as they all say) and the first cut is the deepest then it should be ... smooth sailing form here on out.
(damn I hate that cliché but I've had the title song stuck in my head for days now and I'm hoping that using sailing metaphors will exorcise it)
London here we come!!

(one hundred and forty one days and counting)