Sunday, October 23, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Graffiti
Graffiti near the wondapartment. Craig & I were headed to the supermarket for dinner. We ended up buying pizza.
Terrible plan.

Monday: Sunlight breaking through
Sunlight fingers through the clouds on the walk to work.

Tuesday: Eastbourne Women's Club
The decor in the Eastbourne Women's Club cracks me up.

Wednesday: KeepCup called Kat
My keep cup arrived. I call it Kat.
(it's because of the turquoise)

Thursday: on the way to Eastbourne. Again
Headed out to Eastbourne for the last time for a long while.

Friday: Poster for John Waters. SO EXCITED
A strange strange day. But! There are posters everywhere for John Waters' one-man show. I'm so excited.

Saturday: Devil's Tongue disappointment
Craig and I went out to see the Devil's Tongue flower. It smells like rotting meat and only flowers once every seven years. I've wanted to see one for years now.
I was mildly disappointed. We may have just caught it when the smell was waning (it comes in waves) but it didn't really smell like anything, save perhaps compost. But I am glad I saw it.




Heading round to Eastbourne. Again

It has just turned Sunday morning. Craig is just about sleeping but I? I am sitting in our giant brown chair (far too giant for our miniature wondapartment) sipping water and listening to the city outside.

It is full of heels on pavement, this Sunday morning, the drunken bawl of men & keen of women. The low thrum of the traffic. The far off bass of a covers band. Laughter and broken glass. In a few hours the streets will smell foetid & worn.

The city is making the most of tonight.

So am I.
Sitting cool & quiet. Sipping water, bare legged, I am content.

(I could be out there. Often I am. But not tonight.)