Thursday, August 25, 2011

Town Mouse

Dear Internet,
Please forgive me, for I am about to rant.

Last night I went to the World of Wearable Arts dress rehearsal.

Nosebleed-y at WoW

It was horrible. I do not know why I thought I would like it - I do not like interpretive dance, I don't find the wearable art particularly moving*, and I never watch the televised version because it bores me. But I went. It was horrible.

I suppose, the one good thing that came out of last night is that now, when I am told - in a smarmy tone, ALWAYS the smarmy tone - that I really MUST go because it's just TOO TOO fabulous and how it's SUCH A SHAME that I live in Wellington and DON'T GO to WoW I can tell them that I did go. And it was horrible.

Besides the general boredom, the insufferable child & animal performers, the men-dressed-as-women-equals-hilarious shtick, and the women in the audience hooting everytime a man wore tights, there was one straw which broke the proverbial camel's back.

Fred fucking Dagg.

I am sick and tired of being made to feel like I am not a "real" New Zealander because I do not like the countryside.

Because I do not own or like mud-caked gumboots and a wife beater. Because, more often than not, I find pavlova cloying and overly sweet. Because I do not like paua shell. Because I do not know Ten Guitars.

Because my idea of a future life for my family does not involve a paddock. The quarter acre dream is not mine. I do not secretly want to retire to the country and do hard yakka. I enjoy that I am not entirely sure to what the "number eight" in "number eight wire" refers, though I presume it is the gauge. I do not want a bach with a corrugated iron shed and worn sheets on the splinter-y bedframes.

I like the city. I prefer the city.

I like the background hum of traffic, I like the smell of rain on a hot pavement, I like that there are caf├ęs and bars and restaurants and stores all within walking distance, I like people-watching. I like wearing inappropriate shoes and never wearing trackpants. I loathe enclosed shopping malls and homogenised suburbs. Give me urban, give me grime, give me culture.

I admit, I can admire verdure, and clean air, and stars. I like that the countryside is there, over the hills, a drive and a bit away. That's fine. It's nice that it's there if I feel like a change.

But I am a town mouse. I always will be. I am sick of being told I am not a real New Zealander because of it.

sincerely, Sarah-Rose

* and I LIKE modern art. I just like pieces which make me feel something other than "huh" or "meh".

Sunday, August 21, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Paleo Crackers
Making Paleo crackers. The first time they were burnt. This time? too biscuit-y.

Monday: Snowwww! from Bowen House
SO MUCH SNOW at Bowen House. Yes, this was newsworthy.

Then yes, there was more snow at Park Place. So much snow.

Wednesday: Grafitti near the Pit Bar
Glorious graffiti near the bar where we listened to CHRISROBTIM's Cyndi Lauper cover album.

Thursday: post dentist malaise
Wandering back to work in a post-dentist funk. The streets wanted me to cheer up.

Friday: waterfront
The sun was setting and I headed, with trepidation, out to my horrible former co-star's Murder Mystery evening.

Saturday: DIY-ing my jeans
I've had a pair of pale grey high waisted jeans for a year. I never wore them.
So I dyed them dark blue. It's better.


Peeling tattoo