Wednesday, May 12, 2010

One Flesh by Fiona Samuel

One Flesh by Fiona Samuel

A conversation between Craig and I during my first read through of One Flesh.
And that's about all I have to say about that for now.

Except to note that the play has been vetted by the Pastor of the church in which we are due to perform. The script has had the worst of the swearing removed but apparently tits are a-ok by the Lord.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A favourite memory

Tuesday: Reader Submissions Pages

At a recent family dinner I noticed that my Darling Mother had, set as her iPhone wallpaper, a photo I had sent her of my photo & tattoo that was featured in Post Modern Ink.

I know she is not fond of my tattoos (after all, she made me and thinks I'm pretty awesome just as I am) but I was so touched that she was proud of my work. My photography that is. It was very different, discovering this instead of being told outright. Made it seem ... a lot more genuine I suppose.

I've been trying to write about this moment without seeming self-aggrandising and I figured that the day after Mother's Day was about the best I was going to get.

She's just lovely, my Mum.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Week Nineteen

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Walking in the sun
A cold cold day, the sun was out and I went for a walk.

Monday: My Fuji Instax Mini arrived!
My Fujifilm Instax Mini camera arrived. I was so excited I took a photo of Craig in the supermarket. He was not happy.

Tuesday: My perfumes are Migrating
My perfumes seem to be migrating from the basket under the sink to places around my room.

Wednesday: Early Wellington Mornings
The mornings are beautiful at the moment. Pinks and blues across the sky.

Thursday: Preparing for Craigageddon
I'm getting my costume together for Craig's party! a Guns n Roses tee was a must.

Friday: Bad photo of beautiful Sunrise

Saturday: Taking my instax out for a stroll
I took my instax for a stroll.