Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Talking about what I cannot talk about

Penny Foggo (so you can see it better)

I have said it time and time and time again on this darling little site, I know, but I am going to say it again: I do not talk about my work on my website.
So I've been kind of silent lately.
Work has been busy and hard and stressful. But I have been supported by coworkers (former and current), by friends, and by family. By people I barely know on the internet. My support has been less a safety net (full of holes) and more a giant cushion (this is a complicated metaphor and I don't like it very much. BUT IT STAYS, a half glass of wine has spoken). Which is lovely.

And yesterday I signed a brand new contract for a role I am excited about and which I pretty much helped write. So I'm set for a while. I hope. Unless it all gets weird again. Oh lord.

In summary: it sucked, I cried, people were lovely, I cried, I have a new (but also not-new) job, I didn't cry.
Wine all around!

Oh and the photo up there? completely and utterly unrelated. It's just my new necklace.
I stalked this necklace around Wellington. My darling sister told me about one that she loved (cream ceramic bones and gold chain) and I loved the idea (but not the colours. We may both be brown-haired and brown-eyed but I am a winter and she is a ... not winter. Autumn? perhaps).
The very next day I saw a girl in a completely different part of the city wearing one. Then the following weekend I saw a girl wearing one with pink bones and silver chain and I was smitten. THE UNIVERSE WANTED ME TO HAVE THIS NECKLACE.

I googled and googled and googled and good LORD but there are a LOT of ceramic bone necklaces in the internet universe.
Twitter told me the designer was a New Zealander called Penny Foggo. I emailed the store and begged them to order one for me. And just last week? the horrible week? it arrived. I love it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: decorated bin in Eastbourne
I do quite enjoy the art on the rubbish bins around in Eastbourne.

Monday: Craig in lovely light
This wall is one of my least favourite parts of Park Place but every so often, when the light falls just right, it works.

Tuesday: red sky in the morning?
My office has an amazing view but sometimes I only get to see it at dawn and dusk.

Wednesday: another view of the harbour
Another dawn. This time with added mist.

Thursday: leaving the office late
A hard week at work. Leaving the office late and waiting for public transport.

Friday: Late Dinner.
I managed to eat dinner on Friday night. For only the third time this week. I was terrible at being a grown up.

Saturday: new necklaces. Penny Foggo and Dolomite.
Additions to my wall of necklaces: dolomite pendant from my lovely family, and pink ceramic bones by Penny Foggo.
I love them both.