Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Contains coarse language and adult themes. Yes.

Oleanna Poster

Butterfly Creek Theatre Troupe presents

Oleanna by David Mamet

Directed by John Marwick
With Sarah-Rose Burke and Damian Reid

Muritai School Theatre, Eastbourne
8 p.m. 23, 24, 25, 30 June 1 & 2 July

A controversial American adult drama about a university lecturer and one of his young woman students. It’s about how a teacher who misuses his power can seriously damage a vulnerable student. Or maybe it’s about how political correctness can be carried to extremes and damage the lives of well-meaning people. It’s about sexual harassment – or maybe it’s about extreme feminism.

When this piece opened on Broadway fights broke out between members of the audience. Come and see it for yourself!

80 minutes - no interval - latecomers not admitted. 8 pm start - bar open from 7.30 pm.

Contains some coarse language and adult themes - not suitable for children.

Presented in an intimate stage setting - seating limited to 60 each evening - bookings essential.

Tickets: $15 & $12 from; Rona Gallery, Eastbourne; or call 0832 77790

Sunday, May 29, 2011

365 in 2011

Oh Darling 365

Sunday: Brunch!
I've been craving eggs benedict (I used to hate it) so Craig and I headed out to Petone for brunch.

Monday: last time in jeans for a week or so
Putting on my after-work jeans for the last time for a week - I can't wear them while my tattoo is healing.

Tuesday: Bob Dylan's birthday is the day before my Father's
My pops is mildly Dylan-obsessed and born one day after the Tambourine Man. I bought him an updated biography and made this card. I amuse myself.

Wednesday: J.Crew dress arrived! from Aly. I love her.
My adorable friend Aly sent me a package from J.Crew I had sent to her aunt in California. She included some treats that she'd brought to the USA from London. It was a multi-international package.

Thursday: Gelissimo is Closed
I wandered through the village in Eastbourne before rehearsal. It was mainly shuttered and dark.

Friday: My tattoo is scabby and tight. Blech.
My tattoo was scabby and tight. Not cool. But I love the colour. I love all of it.

Saturday: Ready for Craig's party
Craig organised drinks for his birthday. We borrowed my parents dusty stereo and I made a playlist with a lot of Girl Talk.