Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anywhere but here ...

In 199 days Craig and I will be back here:

Waikiki, Hawaii - August 2008

Almost exactly. We're staying at the same hotel. For 7 nights.

On a cold, grey, Wellington morning, heading into the final stretch of rehearsals* I need to remember that there are bright spots on the horizon.

* this is when it feels hardest, when you are sick of your lines, sick of your costume, sick of the hours of rehearsal, but don't yet have the adrenaline of performances

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week Twenty-Five

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Hail in Eastbourne
Oh the weather in Wellington is unpredictable. I took this under dry skies, after a freak hail storm.

Monday: Beautiful Dawn
Beautiful skies brightening a Monday morning.

Tuesday: New Zealand v Slovakia
Craig stayed up to watch the All Whites play Slovakia.

Wednesday: Tattoo Tradition
As always, post-tattoo, I drink Peachee by Bundaberg.

Thursday: Story from a 5 year olf
I took dictation from a 5 year old and came away with a story about how I was given a duck which licked me all over and made me laugh.

Friday: Learning to roll smokes for the play
I need to roll smokes for One Flesh. I bought some tobacco and a coworker taught me how. I went from completely useless to marginally useless in 24 hours.

Saturday: Graffiti in the Hutt
I spent hours wandering around the Hutt Valley in the winter sun. Coffee and podcasts and a little bit of shopping.