Sunday, June 20, 2010

Week Twenty-Five

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Hail in Eastbourne
Oh the weather in Wellington is unpredictable. I took this under dry skies, after a freak hail storm.

Monday: Beautiful Dawn
Beautiful skies brightening a Monday morning.

Tuesday: New Zealand v Slovakia
Craig stayed up to watch the All Whites play Slovakia.

Wednesday: Tattoo Tradition
As always, post-tattoo, I drink Peachee by Bundaberg.

Thursday: Story from a 5 year olf
I took dictation from a 5 year old and came away with a story about how I was given a duck which licked me all over and made me laugh.

Friday: Learning to roll smokes for the play
I need to roll smokes for One Flesh. I bought some tobacco and a coworker taught me how. I went from completely useless to marginally useless in 24 hours.

Saturday: Graffiti in the Hutt
I spent hours wandering around the Hutt Valley in the winter sun. Coffee and podcasts and a little bit of shopping.



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