Saturday, August 18, 2007

This may be my new favourite photo of Craig & Myself

Playing with a brick.

(photo by Tanya)

Walking home from The Ruby just past Midnight, after a night of cocktails (Mojito! Raspberry Collins!) and free Champagne from a Multi Millionaire (seriously) I found a brick and thought it very important to carry it the entire way home.

p.s. The brick has been very useful. As a door stop. I wasn't just drunk & crazy. For once.

p.p.s. 19 days out from moving, we've found that our current flatmates are lovely.
It's almost a shame that the new flat is so so perfect. Almost.

p.p.p.s. in 117 days Craig & I will be touching down in New Zealand. I may bring the brick!

Ode to the Tate on a Thursday morning in August

Nothing is more perfect than walking into a room, tall & cool & echoing, cavernous as a cathedral, with canvases floor to ceiling.
These windows to other worlds, other times hang silent & stunning.

I enter & pause. Take a deep breath. Here there is no jarring of the senses, no feeling of hours & minutes but years & centuries, no outside world.

I walk through with reverence as though, if I am still & quiet & calm enough, I can absorb the beauty of the world.

This is my church. This is my spirituality, this is my holy writ.
This is my inspiration & hope.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

To add insult to injury ...

We got egged!

We got Egged!

I'm half mad-as-hell and half impressed because in some improbable act of ... physics or something, the egg made it through the top 1/4 of our window (all that opens in the flat-from-hell) which is on the third storey, and it made it all the way down the other side to break on the windowsill.
Craig and I didn't even notice until the next morning when it had baked in the sun.

AND! there were no other eggs in sight from outside the flat so someone must be a crazy good shot.

This is such a nice neighbourhood. I will be sad to leave it.

p.s. that is our cute new reversible bed spread from Ikea. I'm in love with it.