Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week Forty-Two

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Photo Editing Time
Sunday afternoons are for photo editing.

Monday: Home Tableau pre-show
A home tableau before a dress rehearsal.

Tuesday: Bennetts Quote
Sometimes, about a third of the time, I quite like the quotes that Bennetts bookshop choose for their sign.

Wednesday: Ninja amongst glitter
I had to work late, went straight from the work to the show, then I found this cute little ninja drawing in amongst the glitter.
It cheered me right up.

Thursday: Costume Rack
Costumes in the second act.

Friday: Eclec-ticity
Ahhh the last work-show combination. I almost cried tears of relief.

Saturday: I always wear more jewellery after the RZ show
I've been wearing a lot of clunky silver jewellery recently.
And yes, that's one of the tops I tried on in Week 36.


Saturday: luggage under my eyes
This photo was taken after catching up on sleep, while wearing makeup, and still I have luggage under my eyes.
A week of being at home for only 8 hours a night (5.5 hours sleep)? catches up with a girl.

I'm still catching up on sleep ...

Hiding behind my hair & an unflattering dress. Sigh.
Hiding behind my hair and an unflattering dress in the Hutt News
(article here.)

Roses! or something.