Thursday, May 07, 2009

Oh Darling Hearts

Strappy strappy strappy heels!


£74 nine west at

But really? I love these


$probably too much for me (USD) Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Peaceful, the world lays me down

From the Archives

San Francisco
January 2008




They were delightfully cheerful.

Impeach Bush

Impeach Bush

Protesters on the Bridge

& off they went, with their Golden Gate Bridge cyclist escorts.

M'Aidez! New Spectacles Required!

These are the glasses I usually wear
Everyday Armani

These are the spectacles I usually wear, but in the 5 or so years since my last optometrist appointment (oops!) my eyes have wriggled and wiggled and tiggled about and while the power is now the same in both eyes, my astygmatic cornea have changed.
Hence the new spectacles.

Speaking of which! I find it frustrating as anything that my Optometrist, in both their City and Suburb branches, stock only incredibly boring, only marginally differentiated frames.
They all seemed to be along the lines of more or less rectangular, with varying thickness of frame, some in titanium, others in plastic, individuality only marked by oo perhaps a bright colour? or a dull colour that still isn't black or tortoiseshell? or, in an even more radical step, quirky detailing on the arms. And they are all pretty much universally small.
It makes me sigh melodramatically.
I guess Jo & her specs have spoiled me.

My eyetest and subsequent nouveau lunettes are kindly subsidised by my employer and so I must purchase sensible, everyday frames from an actual optometrist and save my quirky glasses dream for another day. Oscar & Fitch, I'm looking at you!
(I love Jo's lace print white frames and the bold circular ones)

Help Me Decide!

These frames are presented in a specific order as chosen by my darling sister, mother, and husband.

Pair 1
Pair 1
Are titanium, a sort of dark cobalt blue (brighter than navy) and have cage detail on the sides which reminds me of the YSL Shoes.
Pair 1
But I'm not sure if I want to wear the shoes on my feet let alone my face.

Pair 2
Pair 2
Are a dark plummy purple colour, plastic with
Pair 2
Titanium arms. And I like the contrast between the heavy and the light but I'm not certain if I like the
Pair 2
Diamantes in the detailing on the arms. And yes, they're by Guess.

Pair 3
Pair 3
break my no brown glasses rule, but they aren't very very brown and I don't find the tortoiseshell obnoxious for once.
Pair 3
It's also hard to tell, I think because of my hair, but the top of the frame flares out a little which is reminiscent of Ray Bans and is kind of more the geek-chic look that I love at the moment.

Pair 4
Pair 4
Don't make me feel as grumpy as I look in this picture.
Pair 4
They are a smoky purple grey colour. It's strange to explain but they mainly look dark so I don't think that's a problem.
Pair 4
I tried them on in the Optometrist's showroom and the lady-receptionist said "Oo. Those are large" in a way that expressed an immediate dislike. But I think I like that about them. And, to me at least, they don't look too big on my face or shrink my eyes! so I'm fine with the size. I think.
Also? how detached does my head look in that photo? Very.

Please! Help!
Cast your votes in the comments or on twitter (@ohdarling !) and then see if I take your advice at all.


p.s. I'm now sick of the sight of myself!

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Week Eighteen

365 in 2009!

Sunday: Rain and rain and rain.
It rained and rained and rained and rained.
I spent the day in bed.

Monday: Craig & the arrival of the Express
Craig & i sat on the new bench at the train station & I took this as the Wairarapa Express streamed by.

Tuesday: Cenotaph & Beehive at night
Leaving work late, the sky much darker than usual, the Cenotaph all lit up and the lights are on at the Beehive behind.

Wednesday: Anzac Flowers
Half a week and a lot of rain later, the majority of the ANZAC flowers at the cenotaph remain.

Thursday: Swine Flu Precautions
Swine Flu makes me roll my eyes. All of a sudden there are "flu" warning posters in the elevators and multiple mini bottles of hand sanitiser in every bathroom.

Friday: Craig at my office
I was working late, again, Craig came by to wait in the warmth until I was done. I asked him to hold my rings while I moisturised my hands and he was amused that they fit this far onto his pinky finger when they are kind of loose on my ring finger.

Saturday: Monet Exhibition
I spent the afternoon with my mother, we had lunch at Wagamama's and went to the Monet exhibition.
It was impressive but not as impressive as the Musée d'Orsay. Sigh. I miss Paris.


Pink Eyeshadow - 12 hours later
This horrifying picture is to indicate that I kept eyeshadow on for 13 hours!
My secret? mixing it with eyedrops before application, making a little paste on my hand and then applying it. Mainly under my eye because I was wearing glasses that day and my eyelid is less visible.