Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I am excited about right now:

Tonight, before my run :

x One Flesh by Fiona Samuel.*
x A lambskin leather bag which is in the ether, somewhere on its way to me**
x 50 shots of Instax Mini film. Unopened.
x Bottles and bottles of V in the cupboard.***
x Present ideas for my mother and sister.
x WhatsApp letting me chat international-style with my favourite Katrinka.
x Craigageddon.****
x Tattoo consultation with with my favourite Petra.
x The subsequent tattoo!*****

* Rehearsal number 3 is tonight!
** 82% discounted!
*** My caffeinated beverage of choice (sugar free).
**** Sir C's hair metal birthday bash. I have a guns and roses tee and he has leopard print leggings! Oh there WILL be photos.
***** All will be revealed! Eventually.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Week Twenty

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Mother's Day Present
A little present for Mother's Day.

Monday: Sushi Restaurant
Sushi Restaurant, Lambton Quay

Tuesday: First play reading. And a bracelet from The Vamoose
The day of our first play reading. And the arrival of a bracelet from The Vamoose.

Wednesday: Amazing Dawn
Golden dawn as I arrive at work.

Thursday: Waiting for Charlotte
Craig as we waited for Charlotte, outside my work.

Friday: Work was too busy
Stuff I'd hoped to do while at work on Friday. Naturally work was flat out.

Saturday: Waiting by a Palm tree
Too early. Waiting by a palm tree.


Thank everything for Dry Shampoo
(I love dry shampoo)