Friday, February 13, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Taming of the Shrew Photo by Ken George

Mi Perdonato, gentle masters mine*

Tuesday, yesterday (is it only WEDNESDAY? this week feels like a month), I had precisely 50 minutes between getting home from work and leaving again to go to rehearsal. 50 minutes in which to get changed, get some food, any food, make sure all my needed bits and pieces were in my rehearsal-tote, spend quality time with my husband, post archive pictures to this darling little site, and run my lines one last time.

I managed precisely 50% of those things.

And then forgot lines at rehearsal.

And then rehearsal ran late so at 11pm I raced home and managed to wash my face and brush my teeth before collapsing into bed.

I think this may be the longest time (not counting vacation in Hawaii) that I have gone without washing my hair**.

SO there were no photos yesterday. You may have noticed (delusions of grandeur). YET! as they are, here they are, come to greet you***

From the Archives

London, September 22nd 2007

St Bartholomew House, near Fleet Street

St Bartholomew House, near Fleet Street

St Bride's Church, Fleet Street

St Bride's

Standing 69 meters high, it is the 2nd tallest of all Wren's churches, with only St Paul's itself having a higher pinnacle.

St Bride's

Bizarre symbol on St Bride's

Bizarre symbol!! On a church!! Exciting!! Or not. Conspiracies!! Or not.

Old and new

The tiered spire is said to have been the inspiration for the design of modern tiered wedding cakes.

Banksy in the wild! near St Bride's

A Banksy! seen in the wild!!

*Shrew reference!

** Don't panic. It's only been 3 days. It looks surprisingly cute.

*** Another Shrew reference. This one is actually one of my lines. I cannot remember if it is greet or meet …… Oh bollocks. It's meet. Time to go over lines again.

Taming of the Shrew

Where: Muritai School Yard, Eastbourne

(Outside but moves inside in poor weather)

When: 7.30 p.m. Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 Feb

Tickets: $15, $12 (concession) & $10 (Fringe Addict/child)

Dymocks Bookseller, Lambton Quay

Rona Gallery, Eastbourne

Door sales from 7 pm

Booking line: 0832 77790

p.s. I can heart NOTHING this week save for learning my blasted lines.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Week Six

365 in 2009!

Sunday: a grey day in Eastbourne
A grey day in Eastbourne, on the way home after rehearsal.

Monday: 6am
6am. On the way to catch the train to work for a 7am breakfast meeting.

Tuesday: snow in London, hell in New Zealand
Heaviest snowfall in 18 years for London, Hades in Wellington.

Wednesday: Blueberries gave me no choice
I wasn't going to buy blueberries but then, I'm very susceptible to suggestion.

Thursday: Nouveau Boots
I got dressed in the grey and dreary morning so wore my new winter-esque boots. I love them but they didn't suit the afternoon sun.

Friday: bruise developing
The bruise from my fall at rehearsal on Tuesday had blossomed.

Saturday: Picnic in the Park
Desperate to get out of the house I went and read my magazine in the park. It's not exactly Hyde Park, but I guess it'll have to do.


Zombie Sarah

I'd fallen at rehearsal the night before, barely slept, ached all over, spent the morning at a seminar, and felt like death warmed up. The bags under my eyes were ridiculous and I couldn't be bothered to look presentable.