Monday, March 15, 2010

Hiatus Update 2: Zoë by Sam Edelman Edition

Hi there oh amorphous internet,
I’m so pleased that this second hiatus update is lacking in the confession stakes. Well (of course) almost …

I ended up purchasing a leather pencil skirt (yes, I am doing nothing to dispel rumours) from trademe (New Zealand’s version of eBay except you CANNOT snipe the auctions. HATE.) and admittedly, I bid $2 while drunk and did not expect to win it …. Ha. More fool me. I won. But my darling husband gave me a pass on that one. So it doesn’t really count:

Leather Pencil Skirt Leather Pencil Skirt

I have been approaching this hiatus as less of a challenge and more of a lifestyle change. I haven’t found it torturous because I haven’t been black and white with myself, shades of grey all the way,
I have modulated my lunchtime walks around the city, I tend to go to the waterfront (or just see how far I can walk) instead of to the main shopping street(s), but I haven’t banned myself from going into clothes shops or avoided reading fashion blogs. I think, I think, I hope, that this change will last longer than the three months I initially set out. I have a feeling that it will. I do like it more than I was expecting.
Of course I was expecting it to be horrid and hard and frustrating as all get out but you know, I always prepare for the worst case scenario because then I’m usually pleasantly surprised!

Leather Skirt Detail: Bow

Additionally, in the not-exactly-a-confession category, my darling dear approved the purchase of a pair of shoes I have lusted after for years but which have been sold out every damn time I managed to scrape the requisite cents together. He’s lovely. I had previously decided, and mused out loud to Sir C, that I would purchase a pair of vertiginous heels as a celebration of the end of the hiatus. When these shoes (Sam Edelman Zoë boots aka faux-biagas) became available for purchase again my puppy-dog eyes took over my face and he rolled his eyes and said he liked them. Hurrah!
And so I ordered, I received, I tried them on, I took photographs and now I will pack them away again until April 14.

Sam Edelman Zoe

Only 30 days to go!

Sam Edelman Zoe
(yes they are kind of high. But the platform? the platform helps)

I am the queen of delayed gratification.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week Eleven

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Weta on Lettuce
Over at Trinity for dinner, my darling mother SCREAMED in the kitchen. Turns out it was because THIS (a Weta) was in the lettuce she had picked (from the garden, not the supermarket). There followed a lot of general screeching while Craig collected it, held it while I took photos, then set it free in the garden.
Creepy primordial insect.

Monday: Chatting with Craig
Sometimes, upon arriving home to Park Place, Craig and I hang out on the bed for a bit and chat before continuing on with dinner & the like. This happens less often since we started driving to and from Wellington. We do the chatting in the car.

Tuesday: Reader Submissions Pages
The day I discovered I was in Post-Modern Ink. So exciting.

Wednesday: Two chairs and a lectern awaiting Richard Dawkins
Two chairs and a lectern awaiting Richard Dawkins. His talk was interesting and lovely and oh, I just adore pop science.

Thursday: Mini Cupcakes
A cupcake success!
Mini red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing. They were delicious. Seriously. And they looked so cute.
I have a strong feeling this will be my go-to baked good for quite some time.

Friday: Post Tornado rainbow
A very climatically strange afternoon.
While at the pub a mini tornado tore through Wellington. We walked over in grey sunlight and emerged to rain and trees and minor chaos. Driving home in the rain we arrived to a Pear Massacre in our backyard (approximately 200 pears on the ground) and within a further hour the rain was gone, the sun was setting & lighting up the sky, and there was an impressive rainbow.

Saturday: Petra's Party
A busy day - there was the talk by Neil Gaiman, a family barbecue, then celebrating Petra's birthday with a chili chocolate cake (seriously), and a lot of tequila. And vodka. And more tequila.


Self Portrait in Girl About Town
Self Portrait wearing Girl About Town by MAC.

MAC Lipsticks
Pictured, Right.

People have asked how I can wear such a bright bright fuchsia lipstick and all I do? seriously, is apply it with my finger and use it more like a stain. I mean, unless I'm really committing to being the girl with the hard out lipstick. Which I very rarely am.
But it meant I could wear the same outfit (Jeffrey Campbell wedge ankle boots, jeans, floaty black zip top) to all three events and not be over or under dressed for any. Success!