Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week Seventeen

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Costumes for Lea A, B, & C
I filmed some pickup shots for our V48HRs film, then organised the costumes for Lea A, B, and C before heading home.

Monday: frustrating "art" store
I don't know why this "art" store bugs me so much. Perhaps because I didn't think of it first?

Tuesday: Late drinks, train home.
A frantic day at work followed by a drink and pizza. Catching the late train home.

Wednesday: Craig at Wagamamas pre-48hours heat
Met by my darling husband at work, for dinner, coffee, and drinks before our V48HR film heat*.

Thursday: Tired.
Out late two schoolnights in a row. I spent Thursday in a foul foul mood. But I like this shot.

Friday: Poppy Day
Our ANZAC Poppy Day appeal. Pinned to my lapel, then on my Poppy print duvet.

Saturday: I didn't stop to check
A hyperbolic sign on the way to Wellington. At least, I am guessing it's hyperbolic. I didn't have time to stop and check.


ANZAC Day, New Zealand

* We came third (out of 9) for Audience Favourite. That means nothing really, it isn't the judge's decision, but it's still lovely.