Saturday, January 01, 2011



2010 was a year with a lot of up, a lot of down, but mainly a lot of in between.

Visas for London swam into reach, then just out of reach, and finally? gone. Completely. But I'm okay with that now (mainly).
There was the day-and-a-half where I was fired and all the associated work drama which I do not discuss on the internet - except to say that I am much happier now.
Craig and I didn't manage to leave New Zealand but planned our January trip back to Hawaii.
I made all 365 days of photography! But felt uninspired a lot of the time.

However, one can only enter a new year with high hopes. I had them for 2010 and I have them for 2011.

In 2011 I will:
x be more frugal
x maintain the healthy-ish lifestyle I managed in 2010
x declutter
x take a photo every damn day
x keep percolating this tattoo idea. If I am still enamoured of it in May? It will be mine.

In 2011 I am looking forward to:
x Hawaii
x Summer Shakespeare
x Working hard
x Photography

Let's see how it goes. I can't wait!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Favourite Photos: 2010

Creepy Fog over Eastbourne


Wednesday: Craig's Threadless Order

Big Sky New Zealand

Saturday: Manu Tattoo, Petone

Sunday: Hail in Eastbourne

Wednesday: Dashing through the rain

Thursday: Half Mast for Lt Tim O'Donnell

Wednesday: Tempted to buy Billie Bones & his unattached Teeth

Craig. Post-Spin

Tuesday: Handlebar Moustache and a Corona

Bunny Statuette from Etsy

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Week Fifty-Two

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Pouring Rain
It was pouring with rain and surprisingly chilly. Perfect for lounging around watching West Wing (yes, still).

Monday: Instax Beehive - Creating a giftcard
My instax and the Beehive - I was creating a gift tag.

Tuesday: Raining ... Again.
I was actually just trying to get a shot of the rain drops on the ivy. Luckily I didn't even notice the huge fucking moth until downloading the photos from my camera. Just thinking about it makes me shudder.

Wednesday: Presents Wrapped
Presents all purchased and carefully wrapped. Note the instax gift tags!

Thursday: Choc-Candy-Cane Cupcakes for work
For morning tea on my final day at work I made chocolate cupcakes with peppermint cream cheese icing topped with a piece of candy cane. Luckily noone noticed that the wrappers were covered with chili peppers.
I figured they were red and green and white and that was CLOSE ENOUGH.

Friday: Rothko Cookie
The family came to Park Place for desserts on Christmas Eve. Charlotte provided gingerbread cookies and little tubes of icing so we could ice our own.
I chose the very christmassy Rothko. It made sense at the time.

Saturday: Delicious Delicious Entrees
More food. I know. But the smoked salmon filoettes my darling mother made were amazing. And the tapenade ones in the background? a pretty contrast.


Xmas Eve Outfit