Monday, August 11, 2008

My Sister agrees with my crazy theories. This worries me.

Dear The Internet,

I think New Zealand may secretly be a black hole.
I have been back for more than a month and yet? the fact that I'm leaving again in ... 13 Days (Thirteen! Under Two Weeks!) seems impossible. Improbable. Didn't I actually just arrive yesterday? possibly the day before?
Although, I really can't deny that the world is turning, time is passing, and all that, as within the last two weeks it has gone from darkness to dawn to ever-so-slightly daylight when I leave for work in the mornings (So Early. Hate).

I almost don't want to go to London again. It is a trip to say goodbye. To pack up our little room & leave a few bits and pieces in storage with friends so that hopefully, by osmosis, the home office works out that we belong in London and grants our visas super-quick.
We are kidding ourselves that it's just a little vacation by planning a few days in Hawaii on the way over. To make up for the fact that we don't really get a summer this year. This is mainly Craig's idea. I am not so much a sun & sand person. Definitely not an anticipatory sun & sand person. Once I am there, with a book, Spf 500 sunscreen, and salt-dreadlocked hair, I love it. Until then ... it seems like too too much trouble.
Craig is adorable in his excitement. He wants to learn to surf. We want to go snorkelling. I am thinking of getting a waterproof digital camera.

I think that really, what I want, is to get on with the 8-10 months of working constantly. To know that each hour working is an hour closer to the goal amount that will allow us to apply for the top Tier of the cake of London visas. At this stage there are so many months stretching ahead of me that they are a pinprick in the distance. Around a huge corner. And in general hard to keep in sight.
I'm hoping that New Zealand really is a black hole and these coming months will pass in an instant.

Now all we have to do is try and work out if we're able to arrange a 10 month sub-letting situation for our Darling Flat in SE1. Do you know of anyone interested Internet?