Wednesday, January 06, 2010



Edited: Suck it 7STARS@ASIA.COM! Google and I are stronger than you. I have my email and blog back.

Limit. Brim. Verge. Conclusion. Confinement

Glorious glorious shoes

And there it is. With this pair of shoes I have reached my limit. I cannot spend any more.
I will not spend anymore. For awhile.

Today Craig and I went sale shopping and I purchased a shirt, a skirt, and a pair of shoes. And that apparently is my limit. I have completed a working wardrobe which includes more than 5 interchangeable outfits so I don't wear the same thing week in and week out, it includes 2 skirts that just fit my current weight so won't be enormous if I lose more weight (and, naturally, I have the skirts I no longer wear as they are annoyingly loose - just in case).
And I am tired of shopping. Tired of buying low quality items that begin to pill or lose their shape immediately. Tired of the endless consuming. Tired of SO MUCH STUFF (though, admittedly, compared to a lot of people - one of my sisters, and one of my best friends for example- I do not have all that much stuff) cluttering my life.

I will not purchase any any any clothing items or books for three months. And a bit. Until the 14th April 2010*.

I may allow myself to buy running shoes. Because I do still want to try and see if I can become a running-type-person. But I'm going to let myself get back into the Wii Fit for awhile first.
And of course, if anything gets irreparably damaged then I can replace it. Especially things like tights.
The book thing? I have a stack of books to read that is almost at hip height. Seriously. I do not need any more.

I was planning on keeping this to myself but then realised that it would be more achievable, attainable, restricting if I told The Internet (and my Darling Husband) and set myself a date. Something to count down to.

And in addition to this, I am going to actively cull my wardrobe. My drawers are not overflowing and my wardrobe is not bulging at the seams but I could do with, and would enjoy owning, less.
Sell, distribute amongst family, donate.

I'll let you know how I get on!

* That's only 98 days. I can do that, right?

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

I cannot believe I'm writing this

I think, perhaps, I may be having what some term a "first world problem", it's completely ridiculous and I will freely admit that I need to suck in my lower lip and stop my right eyelid from twitching but at the moment, indulge me.
It's my damn blog after all.

I kind of resent the new car.

Yea, I said it, I kind of resent the shiny red new-to-us WRX that Craig adores, that I do really quite like, and that is the result of many many years of consultation about what cars we could both stomach because my car choices tend to look like they come from a 1950s cartoon and Craig's look like they come from a 2020s manga.
But still, I resent the car just the tiniest little smidge and want to know why?
(This is the kicker.)

Because spending the money to buy the car means that we can no longer go to Hawaii in July.

We had been planning to go back ever since, well, ever since we were in Hawaii in 2008, to celebrate our 10 years as a couple anniversary.
We can probably still swing a week on an island in the South Pacific and thousands of people would kill for that kind of holiday. But I really really liked Hawaii - I think mainly because I expected to NOT like it - and I had been looking forward to going back ever since we left with salt in our hair and sand in our shoes and as such my right eyelid twitches ever so slightly when I look at darling Rexy*.
But I will suck in my lower lip. And get the fuck over it. Because seriously?

It's such a First World Problem.

And I kind of make myself sick.

* This might be due to the OMG SO RED colour scheme. But probably not.

Monday, January 04, 2010



Ahh jeez, Golden Striker. Two things.
1. A scowl is an expression of emotion. Therefore it cannot be emotionless.
2. Cricket Face isn't a scowl. This is a scowl

Grumpy Face!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Week One

The Week in Photographs

Possibly the shortest week ever.

Friday: New Years Swim at Campbell's Bay
2010 dawned bright and clear (weather and my wine addled brain!) so we packed up towels and books and water and headed to Campbell's Bay for a New Year Swim.

Sunday: Man at Work
Craig spent most of the day tearing down and putting up a ceiling, and painting, DIY stuff with his Papa.
When he finally came back he was wearing this old old old hat. I think he kind of loves it.


Resolution: Wear more lipstick
Resolution; 'Wear more Lipstick' in action.
Also: sea wavey hair.