Saturday, November 15, 2008

Eep. Almost forgot!

Earlier tonight ...

Me: Don't! it's gross and inappropriate
Craig: What? Like our Love?

That Craig, always the romantic.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Sun is out, sky is blue, and all I do is think of you ...

On the right hand side of this Darling little site is a little section where I list some of my fav-fav-favourite sites by people-other-than-myself. People I find inspiring or who make my day a little brighter by being brilliant and amusing.
Some of them I even know! Some I am related to.

My newest addition is little miss Jo, my fairy-glasses-mother, of Eye ♥ Glasses (dot com) who ferrets through the internet and finds beautiful, interesting, inspiring eye jewellery for those of us who are blessed to have an actual need to wear glasses. Like me!!

In her very very very first ever post she linked to these glasses and I (like Jo) fell hard for their perfect cotton candy pepto-bismol pink colour.
The oh-so-darling retro style was a little too too outré for my style but whilst doing my own ferreting came upon a pair that were not quite as ... but still a sartorial risk for little old monochromatic (plus fuchsia!) me. I hated their name (Coco Loco. What the?) but oh, the pink! the pink!

I sent a pleading email to my Darling London based sœur and she agreed to post them on to me upon their arrival at her doorstep (glasses direct are only direct to the United Kingdom. Sob.) and just the other day they arrived on my doorstep (along with yet another creepy eye ball sweet) and today was the perfect relaxed and super sunny day to break them out in public for the first time.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Memories ...

It seems that a lot of my posts recently have been about memories. Well, save for those about politics but I am over those. O.V.E.R. The damage has been done and I am moving on. What was I saying? Oh yes. Memories.
Smarties have said that memory is linked in some way to scent, when walking down a particularly damp and pungent street Craig and I can look at each other and say Bangkok. But! something you might not know about me is that I have a growing obsession with Perfume.
I blame all my time spent in Duty Free.
My collection is now at 16 bottles. So this weekend just past, on the cold but sunny Sunday afternoon, I sat by my perfume drawer (well, really just a shoe box in my lingerie & travel documents drawer) and smelled perfume after perfume.

Here are my memories:

Daisy by Marc Jacobs - a recent perfume, it reminds me of dewy early mornings in New Zealand, wet leaves and fresh air.

Diamonds by Armani - My job in London. It reminds me of the basement office and my favourite people (Alylicious!)

Funeral Home by Demeter - Our flat in Lower Hutt. The house we lived in when we were first married. I am in our bedroom, standing by the open wardrobe.

Gucci by Gucci - Our London flatmate, S, and our Southwark flat, we are in the Lounge. Craig is cooking, I am sitting on the windowsill and S is on the couch, eating a steak with hummus on it. Laughing.

Hot Couture by Givenchy - First year of University, sitting in Von Zedlitz waiting for a class, I have dyed black hair and I am wearing a red red top and long black cardigan. I am being given a hand painted champagne flute which reads "Candy Perfume Girl".

Lolita de Lempicka (eponymous) - I am in a perfume store in Norfolk Island, Craig and I are on our honeymoon and we've spent the afternoon making a woodfire and having a picnic. The smell of woodsmoke is strong on my fingers.

Miss Dior Cherie by Christian Dior - I am wearing a dress and getting ready to go out, in London, I think to a pub or to an outdoor adventure. It may be a grey afternoon or early evening.

Sexy Little Things by Victoria's Secret (worst name ever!) - I am in our San Francisco hotel room, straightening my newly short hair, Kat is getting ready, and Craig is ready to go.

Sheer by Stella McCartney - I am standing by the mantelpiece in Askew Crescent in London. It is summer and I am wearing a white top.

Splash in Grapefruit by Marc Jacobs - I am in Heathrow Duty Free on my way to New Zealand, rushing and wishing I had a basket, trying to look like I haven't been crying, Craig is coming to New Zealand later. I am walking with Mum, Jayne, and Charlotte on a quiet grey day, windowshopping.

The One by Dolce & Gabbana - It is a cold, sunny Saturday morning and I am in London. Wearing a scarf and a leather jacket, walking down to Borough Market by myself. Incandescently happy.

Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture - Hawaii. Wide streets and intense sunshine. Pervading sense of happiness. I am alone, reading and wandering, Craig is off surfing. We're both happy.

(I also have LAMB by Gwen Stefani, Chance eau fraiche by Chanel, Cotton Candy by Demeter, and (ugh) Curious by Britney Spears. But they are too new (or unworn (Curious and Cotton Candy)) to have memories yet.)

I tend to choose my scent based not only on my mood, plans, or weather, but by which memory I want to experience or avoid. For a long time I couldn't use Sheer by Stella McCartney because that memory made me feel horrible and guilty (I felt we overstayed our welcome).

Is this just me? Does anyone else have a specific memory for a perfume? or do you just think about the scent itself?

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last Night ...

Craig: So I just have to put up with it for this week because my team are in Cuba with the hurricane.
Me: The Hurricanes? Why?
Craig: ... the hurricaNE. The tornado, storm, thing.
Me: Oh. Hee.
Craig: I have to tell your Dad. He will be so proud!
Me: Eek. I'm surprised at myself.

Edited: My Darling Father would like me to point out that the website for The Hurricanes is NOT Wikipedia. Sheesh. No pleasing some people. And besides, I heart wikipedia!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cartoons outside Wellington Railway Station

A five foot tall (ish) Albert Einstein & friends greeted the trudging huddled masses this morning.
He made me smile.

They are Cartooning for Peace.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Remember, Remember, the filth of Mo-Vember

This year Craig is taking part in Mo-Vember*.
He and others in his office are all growing moustaches during the month of November to raise money for Cancer New Zealand and Mental Health New Zealand, bringing attention to Men's Health Issues.

Craig - Mo-Vember

Ten Days In

Craig - Mo-Vember

Twenty Days to Go!

Sponsor His Team: Soup Strainers of Cuba Street.

Craig - Mo-Vember

Craig says Thank You!**

I personally am just glad that it's Mo-VEMBER and not Mo-Six-Months because the last time that happened, I ended up married to Fidel Castro.

My Husband - Young Castro

*Since when is November "Personal Challenge month?
** Yes. He will be mad (HEE!) that I posted that photo. But he never reads my site anyway. Sniff sniff.

Edited: Oops!
Anonymous said...
I do so! and mad i am. grrrr

Apparently I'm married to Yoda.

Sunday, November 09, 2008


Oh, New Zealand. If the USA can become more liberal, why must we become more conservative?

Poor deluded New Zealand. We seem to have fallen for John Key's little trick. We may have needed "a change*" as he told us, but we needed a Barack Obama not our version of John McCain.

If America AND AUSTRALIA can move to the left, why oh why oh why must we buck the trend and take a great leap back to the right.

John Howard, John McCain, John Key, John F Kennedy ... Okay. That last one doesn't really work.

*and! Voting simply because we need a change and not focussing on policies? The worst kind of ignorant voting.

Oh forgive me, I'm just upset.