Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On being tattooed

Unzipping my work dress

My favourite time of the day at the moment is just before 7am.
I take a moment, before getting dressed, I look in the mirror and, more often than not, I smile.

It’s wholly and completely unlike me. I have always had a realistic sense of self.
Or rather, I've always accepted my egotistical self-disinterest as merely one of the many many facets of my shiny personality.

I've always been more intelligent than pretty. Verbose rather than beautiful.
Too short, too round*, too pale, too baby-faced.
Too prone to pedantry.

I've wielded fashion like a mask, a costume.
Camouflaging myself with the generic fashions of my friends, the black and studs of the goth, distracting people with my cleavage, wearing clothes which exposed me and hid me all at once.

But my tattoos? My tattoos are me.
I designed them, I chose them, I endured the pain of them. I adore them.

It's taken me far too long to work this out. But every so often I turn to Craig and I say I just love my tattoos. I can't keep it in!

* admittedly, the weight loss of the last two years has probably helped as well.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Week Fifty

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: A grey day - West  Wing
A terrible grey-mood day. I attempted to assuage it with The West Wing.

Monday: Decorations in the Office!
I arrived in the office to Christmas decorations!

Tuesday: Valley Lights
Lights in the Valley.

Wednesday: Bunny Sculpture
My new adorable bunny sculpture arrived. They now live on our mantel. So cute. And somewhat creepy.

Thursday: inverted pentagram
An inverted pentagram on the window display for Cue. Odd, n'est-ce-pas?

Friday: I recognise these men
I recognise two of these men. And the dog. I mean, I recognise the dog is a DOG, but I don't ...
You know what I mean.

Saturday: lowlowlow clouds
Lowlow clouds and the beginnings of pears on our pear tree.