Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unemployment is hilarious

My temping work has temporarily dried up (sob) and in between frantically applying for permanent positions (fingers crossed!) I have been working on a Stitch'd Ink cross stitch kit.

Stitch'd Ink - Rose Outline

When I was asking my grandma about borrowing an embroidery ring, I told her that it needed to be large as it was a portrait of a woman standing up. I didn't mention the lack of clothing.

Stitch'd Ink - A leg & Rose outline

And on top of the cross stitch? I actually, swear-to-everything, made lemonade!
In fact I made Lemon-Vanilla-Honey-Ade from a recipe I found here.


Inside a Black Apple's Lemonade

To Make One Reasonably sized pitcher (serves 6-ish):

1. Make a simple syrup by stirring together 3/4 c of sugar and 1 c water in a small saucepan on low heat, remove when sugar is dissolved
2. Meanwhile, juice about 5 good-sized lemons directly into your pitcher (reserve half your lemon-left-over peels and such)
3. Cool the syrup slightly, and then stir together with the concentrated lemon juice.
At this point I added in a couple of tablespoons of runny-honey. Because I'm basically obsessed with it.
Throw in a teaspoon or so of vanilla and give the whole thing a good stir.
4. Fill 3/4 of the pitcher with cool water.
5. If you're like Emily, toss about 1/2 your juiced-lemon wedges back into the pitcher. I love the taste that it gives! (I just threw in a couple of the least seed-y lemon halves).
6.Serve over tall glasses full to the brim with ice.


I feel absolutely ridiculous!
I should be wearing pearls and heels and a full skirted dress.
In short, I feel like I'm in the 1950s. Bizarre.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Two things I learned today

1. If a laptop refuses to turn on, it isn't being petulant, it's probably dead.*

2. It is harder than you think to find lace leggings and or tights in Wellington in November.

* sad, but true. Craig's PC is R-ing.I.P.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Madame Macabre

In March this year Craig bought me an itsy bitsy teeny weeny skull necklace with twinkling diamond eyes.

babyskull necklace

And when I showed it to a girl I worked with in London her response was Oh, you're into all of that are you? and then my head exploded.

But while packing up my jewellery and moving it halfway back around the globe, I realised that Yea. I am into All of That. I of course don't see what the problem is!
I think nowadays people may think that people are desensitised to death, horror, and the macabre, but I believe that it has become so that it is only acceptable in a horrific arena. In the nineteenth century and earlier people were painted holding skulls as a reminder of their own mortality, which may seem a depressing way to live and a reaction to short life expectancy but I see it as a reiteration of the idea that we, all of us, human existence in general, are here for all too too brief a time and we should make the most of the fleeting instants we have. But then again, I was the one reading books about decomposition as a pre teen. So maybe it is just my twisted tastes.

Of course I then proceeded to take photographic evidence of my macabre jewellery collection.

A quick disclaimer! I don't wear all these pieces together. Unless it's halloween. Though it would be amusing. Or terrifying.
And yet another disclaimer! I own a lot of jewellery. I do. It's almost a problem. So this is not anywhere near half of the jewellery I own (okay, it might be 1/3) and is merely just the macabre or more unusual pieces in my collection.

Okay. Let's proceed.

Skull Jewellery

See Through Eyes

Skull Studs

Babyskull ring by Michelle Chang

Skull Charm

Baby Skull by Michelle Chang

Skull Bracelet by ... Marvel?

(I love how his little nose is an upside down heart!)

Skulls by Tom Binns

Skull Bracelet - Alexa Chung for Made

Skull by Love from Hetty and Dave

Snake Jewellery

Snake Ring from the British Museum

Snake Bows by Meadowlark

Hearts and Tears

Eyelashes & Tears by Stephanie Simek

(Made from real human hair)

Ventricle Heart Necklace

Fang Jewellery

Fang Charm by BitterSweet NY

Fang Ring by Meadowlark

Fang Ring by Meadowlark

Fang Earrings by Meadowlark

Fang Necklace by Perks and Mimi

And hey, it's not like it's all huge and gaudy.

Well. Except for ...

Tiger & Snake - Topshop & Diva

Rat Ring - Camden Market

I picked up this adorable rat ring in the Camden Market. I wore it on the tube home and it was one of the very few times anyone ever interacted with me on the tube (without being drunk and or hitting on me).

Little Rat

And, P.s. I promise to get over my obscene macro love soon. Soon.