Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sometimes I think I'm more of a boy than my Husband

While driving home the other night I coughed and coughed and had to press my chest so I could breathe.

Craig : D'you want to stop and get something for that?
Me : No, I'll be ok-cough cough splutter cough
Craig : I think the late night pharmacy is still open
Me : No, I'll just have some more expired Duro-Tuss. Hell, it didn't kill me last night
Craig : ... just How expired?
Me : ... 2004

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

He's just lucky it takes too much effort to pull off a successful murder.

Craig : No, I hate you

Please note. You are coming into this in the middle of a very silly argument (about what? Who can say?) and it was very late and I had been drinking wine and we are both talking in silly voices.
That being said ...

Me : No you love me. You want me to have our babies
Craig : No, no I don't. I'll just find anothe-
Me : But then they won't be OUR babies and our babies are going to be the smartest and the prettiest ...

I apparently couldn't think of any other superlatives. I blame wine-addled priorities.

Craig : Well yea ... or they could have your looks and my brains.