Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Mean Reds. AKA Giving my husband his due ...

I have been having the worst week.
This is especially not cool as the weather has been amazing recently (save for the rain on Tuesday but ... I'll let that one slide this time London) with clear blue skies and near-freezing temperatures so that this morning I actually broke out a pair of gloves as well as my bright red pashmina scarf.
My gloves were bright pink. Hee.

Anyway. Everything's just been going a little bit wrong recently. And I don't know why.
But I'm trying to ride it out and be positive because I think that's the only thing that can change it.
That and avoiding stepping on cracks when I walk. Yes I'm being serious.

Craig knows about this so gave me my birthday present as soon as it (finally) arrived (I'm looking at you, Royal Mail).
Which sadly meant that I came home on a night where he would be out til 11pm to find it sitting on the bed. It would have been nicer if he'd been there too but I couldn't be at all mad because the box it came in was very distinctive ...


And inside that little blue box was a little blue bag and inside the little blue bag was this ...

Oh I love it

I can't help it! I just love it.
I've always wanted to get something from Tiffany's. Merely for the history and the cliché of it, but I've never liked the chunky air-hostess so-cal-college-girl bracelets and necklaces.
This is small and discreet and I lovelovelove that it's Oval. Circle or Heart shaped would have been too obvious.

There is also a teeny teeny tiny Tiffany & co on the chain. But I have to wait for a sunny day and super-macro and the internet to work at home to show you that.

And I told you that story to tell you this story ...

Later that night Craig and I were lying in bed discussing something to do with "our money". Let me preface this by saying that it was late.
Me: Well I was just, you know, running it past you because it's kind of a frivolous purpose. purchase. purpose. porpoise. hee. porpoise.
Craig: hee! And what is the porpoise of your visit to the United Kingdom?
Me: It's more of a killer whale actually.
Craig laughs. A lot. A lot.
Me: Oh I am so telling the internet that you laughed at that joke!
Craig: No! Hee. Don't. Please.