Friday, January 01, 2010


I thought 2008 was hard. I was certain that 2009 would bring resolution but all all all it has brought is more of the same holding pattern.
2009 was hard.

One year ago today I wrote of dreams for 2009. I had magnificent plans to backpack around Europe on my way to living in London again, of spending a white christmas in London and then New Years in Edinburgh.
Instead Craig and I are still holding on and waiting to hear about our last chance hope to live in London, we didn't backpack around Europe, our Christmas was most definitely not white, and we are in Auckland, New Zealand for New Years.

We did, however, manage to save a lot of money this year, money which will make either moving back to London or a longlong backpacking trip much more attainable, we moved into Park Place and while it is furnished with seconds and old old bits and pieces, I think it looks lovely. We have bought a car, the first car Craig has ever really properly purchased (the two cars he has driven have been hand-me-downs and then there was the project car but that one doesn't really count) and it is little and red and has a turbo and Craig adores it. Which is completely adorable in and of itself. We have jobs which we do not abhor and mine (WHICH I DO NOT DISCUSS ON THE INTERNET) is taking an interesting and potential career type path. And we did manage to travel. There were trips to Auckland, Dunedin, and Christchurch, as well as (of course) Japan.

2009 Resolution Roundup
x Project 365 lives anew! - Success! 364 photos taken
x Project 52, take 2, electric boogaloo. - Success! - 52 self portraits taken
x Celebrate my wedding anniversary. - Success! Picnic in the park where our wedding photos were taken.
x Acquire at least two new tattoos before June 15th 2009 and hopefully 3 by December 31st 2009. - Hmm. 1 in March, 1 in August (not before June!), and 1 in December. So sort of a success.
x PhotoBooks! - Oops. Forgot completely about this one.
x Dress up more! - Success! I love the way I dressed in the second half of this year.
x Quality over quantity. - Success!
x (as always ...) Try to be happier. - Hard to gauge.

It's funny, this was the first year where I did not include some allusion to weight loss or being healthier in my resolutions. And, know what? I've lost 16kg (35lbs) this year, I no longer add salt to my food (this should startle my family), and I exercise regularly.
I have gone from a size 14-16 to a size 8-10-12 (depending on the store & clothing) and I feel 110% better about myself.
Suffice it to say that I will not be including it in my 2010 resolutions either.

And so, I'm not going to make sweeping or specific declarations about what 2010 will hold.
It will hopefully include travel, hopefully a decision about London, hopefully much happiness. Hopefully hopefully hopefully.
Perhaps next Christmas will be white. Perhaps it will be in New Zealand with a my-mother's-side-of-the-family reunion. Perhaps perhaps perhaps.

New Year Fireworks

2010 Resolutions
x Project 365 continues (and aim for 365 this year)
x Project 52 again. Try to be more adventurous/imaginative with self-portraiture
x Wear lipstick more often
x Budget to make it to the movies, in an actual theatre, at least once a month.
x Be nicer to my hair & skin
x PhotoBooks - starting with 365 in 2009.
x Pay off my credit card.
x Quality over quantity. - Save for and purchase the B for Boleyn necklace by Wendy Brandes.
x (as always ...) Try to be happier.

The future is still a wonderful thing.

Week Fifty-Three

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Mount Ngauruhoe
Craig and I drove the 658km from Wellington to Auckland.
Mount Ngauruhoe emerging from the clouds.

Monday: Opulent Bendon Lingerie Dressingroom
Spending vouchers in Bendon, the faux opulence of their dressing rooms always amuse me.
This one was like a Harem.

Tuesday: Rex!
Craig's brother drove us down to Hamilton so we could pick up the new car.
It is very very red.

Wednesday: Goat Island
An afternoon of sun and snorkelling at Goat Island.

Thursday: Opposite the City
Wine and BBQ with friends then parking across the harbour from the SkyTower to watch the fireworks and see in 2010 with Sir C. The first really good New Years Eve I've had in years.


Writing Resolutions
Writing Resolutions

Thursday, December 31, 2009

500th Post

How appropriate that my 500th post on this darling little site would also be my last post of 2009.
We will go forth into 2010, the fourth year of my darling marriage, the fifth year of this darling site, and the tenth year of my life with Craig as of post 501 (FIVE HUNDRED AND ONE).

Here are twelve of my favourite favourite photos from 2009:




No more moustache


Thursday: Brighton Beach


So. Freaking. Beautiful


Gemstone Dispenser! Crazy & awesome.


Thursday: GHD burns


Wednesday: Anniversary Flowers


Tattoo with Brunch Sleeves


Claw foot Tub!


Sir C & Me


Origami Cranes


Champagne Flutes

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Week Fifty-Two

365 in 2009!

Ostensibly the final week of 2009 as darling little 2010 begins on a Friday.

Sunday: Finally saw Ghostbusters
I finally finally saw Ghostbusters. And it was as funny as I'd hoped it would be.
And I have a retroactive crush on Bill Murray.

Monday: Cupcake decorations from Kat
Confusion with a parcel from the UK. My darling Kat had posted it just after my birthday but the Royal Mail held on to it for so damn long that, combined with her packing material of tinsel and cupcake tree decorations, I thought it was a Christmas present and felt a right twat for not getting anything over to Scotland for her.
But no, it was simply a belated (grr, Royal Mail) birthday gift.

Tuesday: Empty Train
As Craig was a Gentleman-of-Leisure this week I had to go back to public transport and take the train in to work every morning. This, combined with the change of address, meant that I got to take a completely new (ancient & rickety) train, from a completely new station. And it was pretty much empty every single morning.

Wednesday: Laden
Last minute Christmas shopping rush, plus work, equals no time to take a photo so the lens cap ends up in the shot.

Thursday: Midday!
Work done, desk cleared, phones diverted, instructions left for the cleaners, and we were out of the office by 1pm on Christmas Eve.

Friday: Antique silver at Christmas Dinner
Antique silver for Christmas Day.

BTW, after the infamous year of the pink tool kit? this year Craig bought me an external hard drive.
Admittedly, it is the Mac Time Capsule one I've had my eye on for months but it is still very utilitarian.
I gave him half a plane ride (a voucher for skydiving!).

Saturday: Au Revoir Gingerbread House
Extended family came around to Trinity for a Boxing Day BBQ slash leftovers feast. When it came time for dessert the children fell upon my gingerbread house and it was gone within minutes.
My Japanese Christmas Cake and Summer Berry Trifle also disappeared rapidly.
I seem to specialise in quick, easy, seasonal desserts.


NOT a scowl
The first time this year I needed sunglasses everytime I stepped outdoors. From 6:45am to 6:45pm.