Thursday, December 09, 2010

Keeping the Beasts at Bay

Twitter Screencap

I have so many things to plan for at the moment. Bits and pieces building up in my head so much that I suspect soon they will start to push my hair. And I LIKE my hair.

My family makes light of my tendency to plan and over plan for everything. But! There's not so much stress, I find. They don't believe me.
Horrible people.

It's just ... there is SO much to fit in. So much I want to do.
Christmas plans for one. I may have my christmas shopping 90% done* but there is the eve, the morning, and the dinner, and the day after.

And then? The time between Christmas and the New Year. We have a Burke family reunion (of sorts) to attend, a friend visiting from Japan to see, and my darling Katrinka and her Dave visiting from snowy snow Edinburgh. We plan to drink a lot of wine, and I plan to convince her to cut her hair even shorted.

Don't even get me started on Hawaii.
I didn't plan at all, really, last time we went because I was pretty certain I would hate it. Of course, I loved it. So we're going back. Only this time there's so much more I want to see and do.

Yes, I want to do a lot of lying on the beach, swimming, and eating terrible/amazing food (The Magnum P.I. Burger! Coldstone Creamery! Yes please) but I also want to shop**, see lava, and go snorkelling with Manta Rays. These things need planning.
Because according to my frantic googling? Only the shopping and beaching can be done on Oahu.

So right now? I keep my sanity (mostly) intact? I'm starting with a to do list of things to do.
Lest my hair fall out.

* And I've only changed my mind about one of the presents so far. This is the benefit of buying presents that I wouldn't mind myself.
** I've even warned Craig about this. He needs warning before shopping. I mean, it might just be the way I shop, but I suspect that it's just him. Okay, maybe it's mainly me.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Week Forty-Nine

The Week in Photographs

Sunday: Laundry day
Sunday as Laundry day. I hate having so many things to hand wash.

I also tidied up all my jewellery. This drawer is just filled with the stuff fancy enough to warrant remaining in their boxes. I also have two muji jewellery boxes and the hooks on my wall for long necklaces. In short? I have a lot of jewellery.
But I love it all.

Tuesday: Handlebar Moustache and a Corona
The last day of Craig's handlebar moustache.

Wednesday: Namaste from Bangalore
Namaste from Bangalore!
I donated to the lovely Sarah Von of Yes and Yes and received a little package in return.

Thursday: Flowering Flax
Flowering Flax behind the Beehive.

Friday: Forgot Breakfast
I spent too long on my hair and couldn't have breakfast at home. So I ate what was essentially a LOT of sugar in the guise of Wishbone Berry and Custard.

Saturday: Nouveau Swimsuit!
The black and white stripes? An adorable new bathing suit.


Heidi Braids