Thursday, April 16, 2009

If I could spend money today ...

Oh Darling Hearts

Cupcake Ring

Cupcakes and Mace

Oh, my love for acrylic jewellery has not yet waned.
My obsession with cupcakes? along with the rest of the blogging world, also knows no bounds.

I can't stop thinking of Kim's* cupcake ring. I think, oh I'm pretty sure I would need a clear one, oo and a black one. If only there was a clear hot pink one!

Kim is based in New Zealand (woo!) but is an international site and she can ship all over the world. She describes her rings as Kawaii and while I generally find that annoying? in relation to her jewellery, the term seems apt. And I'm sure it would help in the etsy keyword search.

Kim is branching out into other jewellery but her acrylic work really stands alone for me.

I can't help but love the heart cutout in the cupcake pendants.
But I prefer my acrylic pendants to be smaller than these (42 x 49 mm)

(it might be hard to see, but the hole in the a is a little cupcake!)

Plus? her blog is also adorable. Bonus!

* hee! according to her etsy profile, her birthday is October 9th. Mine is October 8th!


  1. OH.MY.GOD.

    I absolutely must own something cupcakey from her.

    thanks for this were reading my mind.

    miss you heaps!


  2. I'm so glad! I think the pieces are adorable and it's nice to help out someone who's just starting out.
    Miss you too!!

  3. Thank you Sarah-Rose!! (and thanks for letting me know you did this :])

    Guess what...there is a hot pink/orange tint available. Yay. It's a pretty crazy acrylic, bright pink when you look at it in light and slightly orange when it's against a dark background. It kind of glows around the edges too.
    You can see what I mean a bit better with the last picture of this listing.

    My search for plain pink acrylic has so far been futile :[

  4. Oh, this post is making me hungry....

  5. Off to check out her shop!

  6. @MsConstantine I saw it on Gala Darling! It's amazing and as soon as I allow myself free reign again it's on my list.

    @Vanessa that's the trouble with delicious delicious cupcakes!

    @Annie I hope you like it.