Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week Fifteen

The Week in Photographs

Synday: Starwars Potato Heads on the set of Tetris Cops
I spent most of the day filming for Tetris Cops. These Star Wars potato heads were on the set.

Monday: Holiday! Brownie-Day
Monday was a holiday. I baked Brownies with a Himalayan Salt crust. They were delicious.

Tuesday: Easter Egg from my parents
The one Easter Egg I received in 2010, from my darling parents.

Wednesday: Post fall in the supermarket
I slipped and fell on some rotten fruit on the ground in Petone Pak n Save. It hurt. A lot. But mainly I was worried about my camera so I took a test shot.
It occurred to me that despite there being a lot of Pak n Save workers around, not one person other than Craig checked that I was okay.

Thursday: Accessories
Two of my current favourite accessories.

Friday: After after work drinks
After after work drinks.

Saturday: Craig & his football
The sun was out and I couldn't think of a good excuse so I went to Wellington and watched Craig play football.


Wide Angle


  1. Wow! That's pretty bad that you fell over in the supermarket, but nobody came to check whether you were alright! :O

  2. Yea. It was really busy so I would have expected one of the employees to check! but I guess they saw that Craig was there and figured I was being taken care of.