Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My brain is leaking out of my ears ...

Oh October, you are living up to my prophecy. And I suspect I will have a full blown ulcer by the time I am 26*. And perhaps my lungs will collapse under the sheer force of my sighing.

Of course, you are somewhat (ONLY SOMEWHAT) redeemed by the latest rehearsal for my Show (Eclecticity: the Revue**) as it turns out that the best part of being a teeny little cog in a huge machine of a show means that when the rehearsals get to run-through stage (we open in one week. ONE WEEK!) you still haven't managed to see half the acts. I spent half the rehearsal giggling madly. The other half was spent trying to shove lines into my head but the giggling half was very enjoyable.

So! Come one, come all:

Eclecticity: the Revue

Please please please don't judge the show by the poster.
The masses like the clip art joker and funky 1998 font.

This was my (DENIED) version:

My Version (inspired by a Milliner's ad)

* That would be TOMORROW. Eep.

** Electicity. As in Electic. And Icity. I don't even pretend to get it beyond the whole "eclectic" thing.

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  1. Happy Birthday! (one day before me, almost birthday twins :D)

    For the record I think your version of the poster is amaze and it made me lol.
    I think the MS Word speech bubble puts the official poster into ew gross territory.