Friday, April 14, 2006

Happy Bunny Day! My Husband Is Delusional! I Have Glasses!

Easter irritates me.
Generally I try and ignore it but with all the ads and the displays of eggs seemingly everywhere it becomes harder than not knowing who Britney Spears is.
I do not like Easter. I am not Christian so I do not celebrate the birth of DEATH OF Jesus, (damn. SEE!) I don't enjoy gorging myself on chocolate, and hell, I don't even want to celebrate my fertility! (or that of the earth).
So Easter's just a no-go for me.

My husband (to whom I have been married for THREE MONTHS today) is delusional.
Last night he was asking me about my work this morning, and decided he would walk with me on my way to work, then turn around and jog home. He insisted even after I told him that I was leaving at SIX-THIRTY in the morning. At six this morning (when he asked that I wake him) it was an entirely different story. Heh.
(he is going to walk home with me though.)

I walked to work today (ALONE) with a package clasped under my arm.
A USPS package dampened by dew because yesterday I thought it was just junkmail.
It was the glasses I ordered only a week ago so now I have sad little emo glasses to call my own.
Or to call Soho - even though I ordered Sonoma.
(they are actually the sonoma style so ...)
Poor emo glasses so identity confused!

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