Sunday, May 07, 2006

Light Conversation over Dessert with my Family

Last night at dinner I was telling a story ...

On the day of the Tsunami-warning-that-most-of-New-Zealand-slept-through I was talking to a lady who commented on the terrible weather, so naturally I countered with "Well, it's better than a Tsunami!" and her only reply was "oh, ha, yes I suppose so, I didn't think of it like that" because of course she had slept through the Tsunami Warning.

Charlotte : I've got a cold but it's better than being eaten alive by crocodiles
Me : well, I've got the sniffles but it's better than the plague
Mummy-dear : When I was pregnant with you [Me] and smoking, a lady at my work asked if I was worried and I said "well it's better than heroin"
Me : Oh, I feel so much better now
Mummy-dear : and she never spoke to me again! I think she thought I was some kind of closet heroin addict.

p.s. I turned out just fine. Just Fine. As long as you don't ask Craig or my sisters to back that up.

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