Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Grizzly Adams Project

It all started when Karma gifted me with a big old fight with my husband.

which started with "shave your beard!" "no"
which progessed to "shaaaave your Beeeaaarrrd!!!" "no, I want to see how long I can grow it"
which progressed to "if I to shave my Armpits and Legs then you should shave your face" "uhh ... no"
which progressed to "Why won't you shave your beard? it hurts me when I kiss you" "nooo-ooo"
and ended with me ignoring Craig. Which is always a bad sign.

So he shaved his beard and we of course made up and talked like sane people and reached a beard compromise. I understood that Craig really did want to see how long he could grow it, and since I do the same thing all the time (Hmm, I wonder how long I can go without Mcdonalds? (3 years so far) Hmm, I wonder how long I can go without soda? (coming up on a year)) I felt I should help him.
So! as long as he keeps the moustache part trimmed and tidy we will continue with his Grizzly Adams project. I'm going to take weekly photos to track his progress.

And so :

23rd May

Grizzly Adams - The beginning

30th May

My husband - the piece of meat
My husband - the piece of meat

6th June

Grizzly Adams ... Week 3

Then our Tuesday nights got busy and I forgot for awhile

4th July

Grizzly Adams

11th July

Grizzly Husband

25th July

Grizzly Adams week 9

and still it continues ...

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