Friday, July 13, 2007

I love Paris in the Winter when it Glistens ...

January 14th 2007
Bolton Street Cemetary
Sarah: Baby? let's go to Paris for our next anniversary.
Craig: Okay.
Sarah: no, I'm serious! I mean, we'll be close enough.
Craig: ... oh, okay.

In my mind we walk the streets of Paris wearing long coats, scarves and a beret non-ironically. At least, I will. Craig is eerily immune to the cold. And the heat. I think he's a robot.
Strolling arm in arm down the Champs-Élysées, looking our over the softened grey snow-clad city from La Tour Eiffel, curling red hands around cups of chocolat chaud in Montmatre, cracking the top of créme brulée while La Vie en Rose plays in the background ...
It's like a romance novel.

Then we had to plan a trip home.
We're attending a wedding (I love weddings! Drinks all around!) in very early January (the 3rd) and so decided we may as well spend the holiday season with the OhDarling families.
But boy, is it pricey to fly around Christmas. Seems a lot of people have that idea. In order to fool the system we have to fly before & after certain dates. Namely the 9th of December and the 9th of January.
And wouldn't you know it? that's not a unique idea either. I know! I'm shocked too.
Our travel agent did the best she could ...

6th -> 7th December : London -> Hong Kong
11th -> 12th December : Hong Kong -> Auckland

(We don't have our New Zealand domestic flights organised as yet)

11th January : Auckland -> San Fransisco
(We arrive before we leave!)
14th -> 15th January : San Fransisco -> Los Angeles -> London

Did you notice that? The 14th January. Go check again, I'll wait, I don't mind. Really.

The 14th January 2008 will be spent at two different airports & on two different planes. Overpriced fast food & aeroplane meals. Tiny cans of coke & trying to sleep through the roar of the plane. (Yes, Craig can do that too).

My Darling Robot Husband and I will spend most of our second wedding anniversary at Los Angeles International Airport. It's like a romance novel.

(seriously though, I am so so excited! Hong Kong! family! San Fransisco!)

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