Monday, November 05, 2007

... struggling with nablopomo already. super fun.

This weekend has not felt entirely weekend-y at all. I am grumbly.
We managed to be up and awake at or just before 8am on both Saturday and Sunday.

(Craig has just found a fake wall in our flat! exciting!!
I think there will be money behind it. Money or Bones.)

This morning Craig's dad came over for a visit. Just popped over from Auckland to have lunch. Seriously.
Well, he may have been on his way to a business meeting in Finland. But that's less interesting.
His flight arrived at 5:30am and because he's a kind and considerate man he said he would hang about at Heathrow and make his way slowly into town so as to not completely shatter us. He even sent Craig a message saying that the Jubilee line was down.
The night before I had said to Craig Is your Dad going to let us know when he leaves Heathrow? because I need time to be awake and ... alive in the mornings. Craig reassured me.
So it came as something as a shock when I was walking into the bedroom, completely in bed-mode and the doorbell rang. I asked Craig if his Dad had sent a message saying he was leaving Heathrow just 20 minutes before and Craig replied Well, No. He was at Embankment aka Really Freaking Close.

Just for the record, Darling husband, I'm not sure if you've ever lived with or even met me but I am not the kind of person who can get dressed in the time it takes someone to climb three flights of stairs.
(But I can get it done in under 15 minutes. That's not too bad, don't despair)

And Euen arrived with bottles of whiskey & nailpolish. He had been on a plane for an entire day (New Zealand is rather far away) so to stave off impending sleep we left the flat and walked along the Thames.
We visited my sweet-little Tate Modern & he couldn't work out Shibboleth either (amazing!) then meandered down to Tower Bridge, and back up to the Millennium Bridge.

It was a beautiful London day, the sun was out and the sky was blue but there was still a crispness to the air.

I was surprised at how at home I felt. I thought there would be some disconnect having someone I associate so strongly with New Zealand here in London.
But I guess I just love this little square of the world quite a lot.

Hand, hand, fingers .... thumb?

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