Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The year changed when I wasn't looking.

Note: I have written these after a very full (thank you, oh darling husband of mine) glass of white wine, after a day where all I managed to eat was ... 1 (one) Pinky Bar, 1 (one) Mint Humbug and 2 (two) Grape Mentos*.

1. Take a photo every single day. Doesn't matter which camera or what it is of. Just take one. At least.
2. Take a self portrait ... often. I don't want to restrict myself to daily (giving in to my self-loathing streak) but weekly would be interesting. Yes! Weekly. On a Monday.
3. Print photos! maybe make a photo book of my (our) travels. Get some kind of hard copy version of my photos!
4. (as always ...) Try to be happier.

I hate New Years in general. But 2007 was pretty amazing and I believe that 2008 can only be better. Going by last night? It really really will be.

*Anyone who knows which book I am referencing gets my undying admiration.

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