Thursday, January 10, 2008

In ... approximately 12 hours Craig, Kat,* and I will be landing in San Francisco.

Before then, of course, I have to fit in a few hours sleep, the shoving of last minute items into my giant bag, frantically searching for an earring, breakfast? checking in? oh and a twelve hour flight.
International time zones are tricky tricky things.

* Oxford Comma!

Tomorrow I leave Wellington again.
I try to not think about it too much because I love this salty, saucy, blue, and wind-swept city.

Wide Angle Beach

Wharf to Beach

Wide Angle Beach & Craig

Looking out to the Harbour


Civic Square


Civic Square


Wait up!

Horizontal Lines

But mainly, mostly, every-single-day, I will miss these people


So Serious


Lookit The Camera

Laughing. So cold

Collapsing into Laughter.

Mum & Girls

Test Shot

Mes Parents <3


Darling Husband and Rotten Girls

Part of me feels like I wasted my youth. I didn't appreciate my family enough. Sob.
But then they make me laugh so hard I almost cry and it's all pathetic and so so funny.

there's an Octopus on my head!!

I should explain:
When Craig and I were learning to scuba dive we (the class) were having a rapid-fire quiz about underwater hand signals. And the cocky teacher pointed his finger at me and said There's an Octopus on my head!.
And without missing a beat, I slapped my hand on top of my head (like everyone but me in the photo above) and everyone laughed.
I stored the story up to tell my family at dinner. And they too fell about laughing. Charlotte saw the flaw in my mime though. And she suggested the alternative (and in my mind, much better) mime which I am doing in the photo above!

This has lead to a whole range of face and hand mimes for animals. I tend to do them when I'm talking (about the animal, not just randomly) which I thought was normal. But apparently it isn't and it amuses my family.

Different Animals

Panda, Rhino, Caribou, There's-an-Octopus-on-my-head.

Sometimes I just use my face. I taught Jayne turtle-face

Turtle Faces!



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