Monday, January 21, 2008

Losing points.

Craig took me out to dinner on Friday night. And I repaid him by making him follow me over to St Pauls at 9:30 at night, in freezing weather, so I could take photos.
He even carried my tripod.
(side story - the service was so bad they gave us the meal for free. Plus dessert. So we love them again)

St Paul's at Night

Ghost Trees.

St Paul's at Night

Ghost Trees

St Paul's at Night


St Paul's at Night. Ghost People


St Paul's & Firefighters at Night

St Paul's at Night

Craig cleaning my lens

(He even cleaned my lens)

St Paul's at Night


I gave up when it was starting to rain and I realised he wasn't wearing gloves and was jumping up and down ever so slightly. I don't know if he was wearing a jumper under his jacket.
Worst. Wife. Ever.


  1. Sarah C12:57 pm

    Sarah-Rose, you have a gift : )

  2. awww, you are SO cute in those animal faces, haha! thanks for the comment on my pretty-much-non-existent blog, lol...
    & i THOUGHT it was Misery! i love it.
    how is london treating you anywho?