Thursday, March 11, 2010


Vintage Camera Collection

Now I know that a good mother doesn't really pick favourites but ... I really really love my Kodak Duaflex Camera.

(Hi Mum! I just referred to my vintage cameras as children. Looks like grandkids are a few years off at least)

But! it's only because I can use it with my DSLR and produce faux-vintage photos.
Like the hipstamatic app on my iPhone only old school.

(he's not dead or stoned. He just zones out completely when watching TV.)

Park Place
Doily Banner, Trixie Delicious Bitch plate, a framed print, and a LOT of dirt on the lens.

Park Place

All you do (thanks, photojojo) is frame your shot using the older camera (call it Camera B), then aim your digital camera (Camera A) at the viewfinder and take the picture. Afterwards, crop the photo to take out everything but the viewfinder image. Ta da!

Duaflex III

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