Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post-Show Malaise

Monday: A holiday. More bed, more Criminal Minds

It always happens like this.
I don't take care of myself very well when I'm coming to the end of the show. I can't eat in the evenings of a performance and I run on caffeine, stress, nerves, and adrenaline.
I end up covered in bruises and with exhaustion luggage under my eyes that lasts for a week.

This time I have also ended up with some horrible flu/tonsilitis/malaise illness.
It probably doesn't help that during rehearsals/performances there was always one cast member silently (or not-so-silently) suffering from a cold. I thought my usually robust immune system would ward it off. I never get sick.
But then, the not eating and not sleeping, and the bruises ... I am sick.

Everything sounds underwater and I have a horrible hacking cough.

I should probably be at home in bed but, as these things inevitably go, it coincided with a couple of days of work where I really couldn't be absent. And now? when I could possibly take a day off with little guilt? I'm feeling better. Ish.

Thank goodness for chicken noodle soup.


  1. Hope you get better soon!

  2. Isn't that always the case. Hope it passes soon.

  3. Crumble - I'm feeling much better already.
    Geek - Yep! always the same damn thing.